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10 men share something a woman has done to make them fall out of love.

10 men share something a woman has done to make them fall out of love.


What makes people fall in love is a million-dollar question. What makes people fall out of love is a two-million-dollar question. On a popular thread in the Ask Men Subreddit, men share what makes them fall out of love with someone.

1. Somizulfi says:

Waking on eggshells.

wgc123 adds:

Same here. Anything could make her blow up, so I ended up focussed almost entirely on avoiding that. Not healthy. Being divorced is so much less stressful. It’s so much easier to watch the kids, do the chores, and enjoy things when I’m not constantly worried about what will set her off next

2. SprinklesMore8471 says:

Not feeling valued

ummmm-no adds:

This is the answer. all other responses are usually offshoots or tangents that are rooted in this.

3. matoviti says:

Her trash-talking things that are important to him.'

Osaze91 adds:

My ex did this. I didn't even know it was a thing people did until she started and then did it constantly when I spoke. Built up hatred towards her quickly.

4. zukatex says:

Every time you're with them you feel your energy drained

HazeltheRabbit adds:

Psychic vampires, man, they're real

5. JeepNaked says:

She doesn't try. Guys like to be romanced too.

Mrs239 adds:

I'm a romantic, so I like to do romantic outings. I like to plan them, but I also like them planned for me. The issue is I could never get them planned for me. I never once had a romantic Valentine's Day, and I've been married.

My last Valentine's Day gift was 10 yrs ago when my husband bought a carnation home. When I said thank you because he never got me anything for Valentine's Day, he said, 'You're welcome. They were giving them away at work.' I got up and threw it in the trash.

6. oddball667 says:

When any private info she learns about him becomes public.

QuietVisitor adds:

Similarly, when we share a vulnerability or a trauma, or maybe just a fear. If they don’t like that (and many don’t) and tell their sister or friend, and the next time you hang out, you can 100% tell that a.) they know the thing we shared with our woman, and b.) they’re judging us for it. I’d just say that it sucks big time that women ask men to open up and often take that confidential conversation and blab about it with their friends or family.

7. DumpsterFireAlmost says:

Being petty over stuff that does not matter.

Example: I had a girlfriend who always complained about my toothbrush facing the wrong way. The brush head had to have the bristles facing the mirror.

This was one of many things that did not matter that would set off 90-minute crying and yelling marathons. We had only lived together for three weeks when the spark of love turned into a puddle of depression. I ran, I ran so far away, I had to get away. No, she would not get tested for OCD.

8. gt75z says:

another man's d*ck.

jbtk adds:

“Let’s try an open relationship!” Run.

9. The_Great_Pickle says:

I’ve been married to my wife for a long time. She’s amazing, and I value her more than words can describe. The girlfriend I had before her, however, was emotionally detached. She would go through phases of being very loving, but one out of every few weeks, she would go into her shell like a turtle.

The final straw for me was when she decided she wanted a break. We had been dating for two years, and all she did was tell me she wanted a break and didn’t talk to me or respond to me for almost six months.

I was devastated at first, but then I decided to move on and met the woman who is now my wife. My old girlfriend caught wind of this, started trying to get back in contact with me, said she missed me and even was sending me nudes.

She put her happiness above ours as a couple and lost out on what I thought was a lifelong thing. I’m thankful it worked out that way because I would never have met my wife otherwise, but it was both humiliating and hurtful.

I have no ill will for my ex. She’s a good person deep down. It just wasn’t meant to be. I saw her at a reunion, and we were nice to each other. As I found out, she isn’t the type who wanted to have a family, which is fine, and also why I’m glad things ended when they did because I did want a family eventually (we ended it at 22). She’s a good person, and I wish her the best.

10. ChickenRollRedSauce says:

I remember my ex fell asleep with her phone in her hand charging and it was open, wrongly I took look at the screen before closing it but there was a big message berating me for asking her a question about my hobby and how she doesn’t care and how I never shut up about it. That was a different kind of hurt. The fact I was being spoken about behind my back was awful

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