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11 things that make women want to leave a date's place immediately.

11 things that make women want to leave a date's place immediately.


You may have been dating for a few hours, or a few weeks, but eventually if the relationship progresses you're going to see each other's places. In this post on Reddit women were asked to share the thing that makes them want leave immediately if they go back to a guy's place. Here's a list of some of the most interesting:

1. 'Sexy' posters.


A poster of a hot bikini babe/porn star girl who looks nothing like me.


any bikini posters after age like 15 is just really cringe


My mom didn't let me have bikini posters at age 15 :,(


My ex and I were more involved in the metal scene. His posters were Luis Royo prints and I really should have treated them just like bikini posters and noped out. He was 23 at the time.

2. Poorly treated animals.


Animal feces on the floor. Shows a serious lack of responsibility, maturity, and I question their hygiene practices.


Was going to comment this same thing, based on a personal experience. Had a wonderful third date, was excited to go back to his place. It reeked if cat urine and the litter box was overflowing. Poor kitty. I left immediately and told him exactly why. Absolutely not interested in slobs and much less neglectful pet caretakers.


I'm glad you said something. Too often no one tells people what's going on; to him it may have seemed 'normal' otherwise. But I hope you were gentle about it.


I mentioned this happening in a similar thread last year, except it was a first date and the full litter box was on his kitchen floor and he hadn't had a cat for months. So gross and he had a small child that had visitation with him.

It's crazy how people can seem so normal at first and then you find out something that instantly makes you think, 'Nope!'

3. A dirty bathroom.


I would say, a dirty bathroom. Also, if they don’t have sheets and just a dirty blanket covering their mattress.


I had to scroll too far down for this! Beard trimmings everywhere, mold or grime in the tub, no hand soap, and crusty man funk smells. 🤢


Crusty toilet, moldy bathtub, and a mattress on the floor always gets me running. Like, you’re an adult, act like it.


Yup. Went on a date with this guy. Went over to his place and his bathroom was disgusting. So disgusting, I noped out of there real quick.

4. Relationship Stuff


Evidence of a girlfriend


Thissssss! I just watched a video of a woman who went on a date and found out the man she was on a date with had a girlfriend when she came back to his place.


The first time I went to an ex boyfriend's place there were female toiletries and stuff all over. I asked him about it and it turned out his mom always came to stay with him for basically half the year. Not sure it's any better than having a gf..

4. Viking obsessions


Viking paraphernalia. I've dated some weird guys but the ones who are obsessed with Vikings are the most delusional.


I’m curious what it is about the viking obsession that makes them delusional? Do they think they are Thor or something? Cause that would definitely be a dealbreaker lol 😂


It's not that they think they're Thor necessarily, but it kind of reminds me of when thirteen year old girls watch The Craft and decide to be witches for 2 months.

The cultural implications aside, it's just another version of cosplay. There are no more vikings and drinking mead out of a horn you bought on etsy does not make you a warrior. Especially the ones who say they follow the 'Norse ways'.

5. S&M


I once had a guy who had bolted a wooden bar above his bed (to the actual studs by the way) to attach a thick braided blue fishing line, which was then attached, to handcuffs over the bed. When I entered the room the handcuffs were open, at the time.

As soon as I saw that setup I noped the f**k out.


Omg nooo, that would scare tf out of me. I’d be looking for that man’s face in the news.


You made a very wise decision. I would have ran and never looked back.


That’s horrifying

6. Lack of reading material


No books anywhere.


“I haven’t read a book since HS” -a grown ass man thinking he’s being impressive in some way


I’ve had probably 7 dudes say this to me. I just stand there. Uh, ok? Not a thing to brag about my guy.


What's wrong with readings on kindle?


“We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't f**k 'em!” - John Waters

7. Lives with parents.


Lives at parents house and didn’t tell me before arriving.


Oof. That's a tough one. 'Come back to my room so we can hang out'.

8. Holes in walls.


A hole in the wall like they punched it


Absolutely. Men who destroy property aren’t mature enough to date, and definitely not safe to be around long term.

It’s one of the first things social workers and police involved in domestic violence incidents note and take into consideration.

9. Anime


An absurd amount of anime girl items


This is ridiculous to say the least.


i slept on an anime figurine? below an anime poster and on top of shoes, tv remotes, gaming headset and controller, an old lime..and several beer cans. this man is 31

10. Weapons


Like a gun, bat, knife, sword et al on display or just casually leaning in a corner of a room? That’s a nope for me.

11. Uncleanliness


Bench full of dishes, how you getting me a clean glass of water? “Quick rinse” hmmm, just no 😂


Trash as decor, i.e empty liquor bottles on display


Spider webs and thick dust all over the house. Oh and a mouse runs across the floor.


A very messy home. I’m not going to waste my time on someone who lives like that because we have no future. A level of tidiness is an absolute must for me.

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