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14 short kings respond to woman who says 'dating while short doesn't seem hard.'

14 short kings respond to woman who says 'dating while short doesn't seem hard.'


Dating isn't the easiest thing to do for most people. Mustering up the courage the even ask someone out is hard. Short men claim to have it harder than tall and average-height men (I wouldn't know I'm 5'10.5). On a popular Reddit thread, a woman dating a short king wants to know what exactly is hard about being a short man.

She writes:

My boyfriend is 5’4'. I’m 5’3', and all of my girlfriends are around 5’3' - to 5’6'. There’s a total of 7 of us girls. We see a lot of social experiments online about how men get rejected if they’re short. One day we were all talking and somehow led to that topic. My boyfriend has been with well over thirteen girls in his life, and all of my friends agree that they’d be with him if they had the chance. So my question is, has height been a problem for you, or is it all mostly made up for views/controversy?

1. Mordcrest says:

Dating apps allow you to filter men by height, I think that kinda speaks for itself lol

2. KodeineKid99 says:

I’m 5'9' and have had women tell me I’m too short.

3. lennon818 says:

There is 100% a societal bias against short men. Sperm banks have height requirements.

4. Overall-Ad4288 says:

I'm 5'6' and yeah, my height has been a problem. I've had women tell me 'It doesn't matter, my boyfriend/husband is only 5'10'.' In other words, saying 'height doesn't matter' is a nice thing to say. Doesn't mean they mean it.

5. The_Baldwinner says:

I'm 5'9' and it feels like a brick wall

6. Gibs960 says:

I've got a short friend (5'6), and he says it's been an issue when finding the initial date, particularly on dating sites, because it's either listed or people will go out of their way to ask. The blokes who are 5'9' replying, saying they've never had issues; that's because you're average height and not short.

7. iamthedumbestguyever says:

Your boyfriend is probably better-looking. Most girls say that they want 6” and above. Some are height hunters and only want tall guys. Most guys that are short get rejected for being short or because their personality is not good or their looks aren’t that good.

For example, put Brad Pitt on a short guy's face. All the girls want him, but an ugly face on a 6” guy, and they will have trouble getting girls. To me, height, looks, and personality play a part, but it’s about finding the right girl for you to love you for you.

8. GKrollin says:

My wife had her filter set to 5’10”. I am solidly 5’9”. I lied, and I’m married to her. That is all.

9. bitcoinsupmya** says:

Yes, two of my friends are ~5’7'. One of them is a really good-looking jacked athlete (I’m straight but for a dude, he’s really hot), and the other is also jacked, average-looking, and has a rock star lifestyle in college (boat, new truck, his own house, countless parties at his place) and they both struggle with dating.

10. InsideHangar18 says:

I’m 5’11' so I’m not exactly short and have had a woman tell me no because I wasn’t 6' so that was stupid as hell, but I’ve come to realize that women who care about height are simply bullets to be dodged.

11. SatoshiHimself says:

Nope. I'm rich. They don't care.

12. Crab_Boy_marksman says:

Women aren't needed where I'm going

13. envenome says:

As a short woman, 6ft and taller is definitely not a bonus. I want to be able to grab and kiss him when I want, not try to find a stool nearby.

14. Finally Pillsnp*ssy says the thing we were all thinking:

Damn your girls wanna f*ck your bf

To which OP responded:

No, that’s not what happened. I didn’t want to outright ask them if they cared about height so I said, 'I don’t like my bf because he’s short.' To which they replied something like 'who cares about that? I’d be with him if I could have the chance.' I am worried now though.

OP also added a message to short kings everywhere:

I’m sorry people reject you for such stupid reasons. You’re wonderful and worth it in your way, and this is worth more than any man of any height can offer.

Sources: Reddit
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