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18 couples who met in bizarre and unconventional ways share their meet-cute story.

18 couples who met in bizarre and unconventional ways share their meet-cute story.


In a time when most people meet their soulmate swiping through photos on a device, a classic in-person chance encounter can be a thrilling tale...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'How did you meet your significant other?' couples everwhere were ready to share their weird, hilarious, or adorably romantic love story.


I met my lady because i got punched in the face at a the guy she was dating. - Mythos01


Met my Spanish girlfriend in Munich last summer. I told her i was the best America has to offer when it comes to Salsa dancing...she ended up laughing at me all night. - buttluvin


One night stand. Forgot eachothers names and he had to drop me off at my place. Even though he's a pretty shy guy he summoned the courage to stop by my house a few days later to ask me for my name and to go on a real date. We have been pretty much inseparable ever since (2 years) - HelloMyLove


I stole his crutches. He couldn't move until I returned from using them as 'oars' for a boat (a wheelie office chair) that I was...'sailing' around the courtyard at sixth form. I hadn't met him before that day.

When I say I stole them, I commandeered them after insisting I needed them for something important. Now that I tell this story I wonder why he is still with me and we're still going strong almost 3 years later ... - Irideunicorns7


She was sticking a needle in my arm, in a blood donor center. - epistemology


I spied my fine vixen across the high school gym. I heard she played volleyball, so guess who was the new volleyball team manager? This Guy. 8.5 years later, and we're getting married next month. - [deleted]


Met my wife over a random Skype 'call.' A few years later I went to China to truly meet her. Married for six years now. - Banaam


Ok guys. She was the very very attractive girl I would see and interacted with occasionally when I'd be out and about but never really tried to pursuit anything because tbh I thought she was out of my league.

The guy she was dating was just an angry on edge kind of drunk and I guess he really didn't ever like me interacting with her or looking at her and eventually let me know by waiting for me to go the bathroom one night alone at this bar...

I exit the bathroom and this guys in my face with all his buddies surrounding the hall so no one would see. He punched me right in the eye and we kind of fought for a minute.

Well apearantly she had only been dating this guy for about a month and was really disgusted with his actions and the way he went about that.

She pretty much told him to f*ck off and then stayed with me that night and hung out...we hung out every day after that and then hit it off and have had a very good relationship with each other ever since. We are now expecting our first born child in December and are very much so in love. Best black eye I've ever had. - Mythos01


I'm standing in line at a coffee shop and letting pass some serious silent-but-deadlies. I was on a pretty hefty raw broccoli kick at the time, after reading it may be good for the old hair line.

Anyway, I didn't notice, but right behind me is this beautiful girl, who turns and asks me 'if I smell that?' I pretend to sniff the air and then point to someone a few paces ahead of us.

Turns out we spent the rest of the afternoon together and we just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. To this day I never told her that the fart was, indeed, mine. - claustrophilia


I threw a bicycle at her on accident. We've been together almost 4.5 years. - Rubitrons


Job interview. I was really down on my luck. I told myself that no matter what, I would not telemarket anything. Well, it almost got that bad. I applied at a market research place. Got an interview.

Walked out of the interview knowing two things: I had a job, and I probably had a girlfriend. We spent more time talking about Stephen King than the job itself. Our first date lasted eighteen hours; on the second we bought a bed, and we were essentially married on the third date. - [deleted]


We did the dishes together. We were both raised in big Catholic families and doing dishes was just what young children do for chores. We were both eating as guests of the family whose house it was, we'd never met and when the meal was over because everyone else was older than us we both just volunteered to do the dishes.

I was 23 and she was 21. There were a lot of dishes to do, around 12 people had eaten plus all the pots and pans. It took us 2 hours and by the time we were done we were in love. We were married a little over a year later. - phil8248


I was at a bar a little buzzed walking by this lattice fence divider and I caught eyes with this cute girl on the other side. I told her her eyeball through the lattice hole looked like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park.

She started laughing and told me that she just read her niece a book about those that morning. She then told me some facts about them and I found out she's kind of a dork too. I'm very happy! - thekind253


I was at my college's swing dance club, just doing the usual lessons, going around the circle switching partners. Lesson ends, and the leaders announce that in a couple weeks there's going to be an aerials workshop, and that people need to find someone they can trust to partner with.

The girl I was dancing with at the end of the session looks at me and says 'get ready,' before promptly jumping into my arms. Started going out shortly after that, and I haven't dropped her yet! - Thatotherguy2


I met my husband because the scrambled eggs in our dining hall were really wet and soggy & 'to go' boxes were made of paper. Had to sit down to eat breakfast on a normal plate. Felt awkward sitting at an empty table by myself next to someone who was also sitting alone, so I sat with him and started talking. - limeelemons


I was drunk at a fraternity new years eve party and decided he was going to be who I kissed at midnight. 4.5 years later still working out. It might be since I took my top off that night though. - joelleml


I filled out my OKC profile entirely with quotes from 'Don't Stop Believin' ' by Journey and he posted about using oxford commas. I love him. - kendrahwithanh


We both had to pretend to be cows in front of our drama class. - Pursuit-Of-Happiness

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