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20 men share what they didn't know about women until they dated one.

20 men share what they didn't know about women until they dated one.


Let's be real. Men don't know a whole lot about women and their bodies. The American education system isn't built to educate men about women's bodies. Show a man a diagram of the female reproductive system, and tell him it's a map of India and he may believe you.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, men share things they learned about women only after being with one.

They write:

1. bluebirdgm says:

It’s more under than in front.

2. MR_Butt-Licker says:

Their discharge can bleach underwear.

3. Manu442 says:

Their pockets are fake!

4. saltysaltlick says:

That there is a lotion for like every body part.

5. xparapluiex says:

Not me, but I saw a post once where a guy was super confused about the rocks in his GF's shower and had come to ask what they were and where he could find them to put in his shower so she would feel comfortable (in a put a stick and leaf in a jar for a frog vibe). He thought you’d find them outside. She had pumice stones.

6. bostoneer37 says:

No clue how they aren’t bald with all the hair they lose EVERYWHERE.

7. Pelle0207 says:

That they plan when they’re going to shower their hair and when not to.

8. SKT-SA1K0 says:

That they PAY to get their acrylic nails REMOVED.

9.Red_Spy_1937 says:

Their hands are awfully cold, they’ll suck the heat right out of you when you’re cuddling, and they shower with water at the temperature of molten steel.

10. zerbey says:

Hair ties, everywhere!

11.platypottamus says:

Mascara floats around in the eyeball quite often.

12. CategoryTurbulent114 says:

An earring or necklace always gets left behind. Right now I have a single earring on my bedroom nightstand, a woman’s scarf on the table by the front door, and a necklace on a piece of furniture in the living room. And I don’t even have a girlfriend.

13. The_Max_V says:

How soft their skin feels.

14. OdinSpherePT says:

That endometriosis is a lot worse than whatever they describe in textbooks.

15. jscooper22 says:

How expensive bras are! Growing up, I assumed they were like underwear: $7.99 for a four-pack at Target.

16.Independent_Sun_6939 says:

That towel wrapped on their head actually contains hair. Don't yank it.

17. 01kickassius10 says

Eyelash curlers exist. I’d grown up with sisters but never saw them use one, but my GF at the time pulled one out as we were looking to go out; I was perplexed and horrified.

18. _Curzon says:

I didn't know that birth control had so many (often prevalent) side effects.

19. GrinningPariah says:

How bad period cramps can get. Watching someone who I knew to be a strong person mentally, get reduced to basically just crying on the couch for days, that was eye opening.

20. Darlingtonlad says:

The clitoris is right there peeking out at you from under it's little hood. It not tucked up under her spleen or hidden behind an ovary!

Sources: Reddit
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