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22 people admit what is an instant turn off for them.

22 people admit what is an instant turn off for them.


Almost everyone has a 'deal breaker' habit or tendency in dating situations.

They can range from the common to the obscure, from the rational to the illogical. One Reddit user took to the web to ask:

What is an INSTANT turn off?


When someone talks bad about their friends. - MarcelineVampQn


When someone asks you a question and you respond, they interrupt with "yeahyeahyeah" and continue with their thought without taking anything you've just said into consideration. Why do people have a problem with just shutting the hell up and just listening for a second? Is your attention span that short? - SuumCuique1011


Belittling people in general - but specifically service workers. It’s ok to be upset if your food came out wrong or whatever, but to talk down to someone who is essentially your captive audience due to needing money to survive is a great indicator of a terrible person. - Bandicoot_Potential


Dirty underwear…. - Catniss-EverGreen

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