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22 people admit what is an instant turn off for them.

22 people admit what is an instant turn off for them.


Almost everyone has a 'deal breaker' habit or tendency in dating situations.

They can range from the common to the obscure, from the rational to the illogical. One Reddit user took to the web to ask:

What is an INSTANT turn off?


When someone talks bad about their friends. - MarcelineVampQn


When someone asks you a question and you respond, they interrupt with 'yeahyeahyeah' and continue with their thought without taking anything you've just said into consideration. Why do people have a problem with just shutting the hell up and just listening for a second? Is your attention span that short? - SuumCuique1011


Belittling people in general - but specifically service workers. It’s ok to be upset if your food came out wrong or whatever, but to talk down to someone who is essentially your captive audience due to needing money to survive is a great indicator of a terrible person. - Bandicoot_Potential


Dirty underwear…. - Catniss-EverGreen


I know this won't be popular on Reddit, but tattoos does it for me. I'm sorry it's not a popular answer, but it's an honest answer for me. - unpopular_lawyer


Those people who walk really slow in the grocery store - g0thcowboy69420


Thinking people are below them. Not because of character or anything but individuals who just base their judgment on someone's socio economic situation etc. It's a big fkn turn off. Don't judge someone based on how much money they have, where they live etc. Judge them based on character. So yeah, definitely a**holes are a turn off lol. - TheTorontoExplorer


A “it’s because of my zodiac” woman - JustXTE


Smoking cigarettes Or just being rude for no reason. I don’t mind saying something slightly rude to be a joke and maybe it just isn’t funny. But if they are just rude for rudeness sake. Automatic no - Zordon56


Anything or anyone that's not my wife. - ItsRab_bi


Checking their phone every minute. Hate it so much. - MysteriousTea_1224


Men who use the term Alpha Male. - LordyIHopeThereIsPie


When a girl calls me daddy. Its a major turn off to me especially now that I am an actual dad. - Workflow77776


When they have Reddit - chuggychoochoo


Control freak. - Caffeine_OD


A lack of emotional intelligence - Equivalent-Sand-3546


Ending every statement with a questioning inflection in their voice. - Mdmrtgn


Someone who is generally unmotivated and puts in 0 effort towards their future - lenelenemachine


Talking about work! I’ve literally lost sex drive completely because as soon as we started getting intimate she started talking about all this drama at her work 🤦🏻‍♂️ you can tell me later I promise! But not during foreplay - Apex_Gypsy


Not washing their hands - ChaoticCherryblossom


Snapping pictures for social media. Drives me nuts when I can't be alone with someone without hearing the shutter sound or 'hold on a minute. I'm taking a picture for'. They won't even remember that picture of a burger they took 6 months ago. No one will. - mulchable


When someone shares their friend’s private business unprovoked. It means they don’t care about your privacy and will definitely tell anyone who will listen about everything you ever told them. I had an ex gf like this, she had no respect for anyone’s privacy but her own. Rules for thee type shit. - Sorry-Presentation-3

What is your biggest pet peeve or red flag that completely turns you off?

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