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33 men share the words and phrases that make them instantly pass on a dating profile.

33 men share the words and phrases that make them instantly pass on a dating profile.


The wonderful world of deciphering dating profiles. You scroll for hours and hours, looking at pictures and reading profiles–swipping left, and swipping right. You go on endles dates, and over time you develope a shorthand for figuring out who's a match and who isn't, right?

In this Reddit thread men were asked to share the words that make them instantly 'nope out of a dating profile.' Below are 33 of the most popular nopes.

1. BissySitch

Name, 21

*I'm actually 19. Always is an instant no from me.

2. Late_Fiddler

Listed as say 35 to get your attention then when reading the profile they admit they are 50 but have the youth and energy of a 30 year old.

3. PlatypusPristine9194


4. lostinthenorcalsauce


5. AustinMVP2

“Don’t be boring.” Hate that. My last few matches would hardly put effort into text and then days later ask why I didn’t message them for a few days. If you don’t put in any effort I’m not gonna match it

6. BelfortMoney

“Follow me on IG'

7. Light-Show350

'Entertain me' is the one I always feel a twinge of genuine offense from. It's so entitled and says a lot about how they feel about being catered to.

8. DontWorryAbootitt

Any mention of height requirement is a hard no.

9. PrimusOptimusMatrix


10. Commercial_Week_1564

'Add me on snap'

11. Curiouslive

Ex. Any mention of an ex. For example: 'My ex is just that, my ex'. Sorry ladies but if you're mentioning your 'ex' in your opening info then I say you're clearly not over your ex at all.

12. hydrus909

'If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best'. Hahaha

13. Snoo35470

'Don't waste my time' like who tf are you?

14. bubba53go

'I'm an independent business woman' often means she's neither.

15. wizard2009


16. Big_Western_651


17. BrickRedemptoris

Self-proclaimed 'empath' is a sign I look out for. Seems to just mean they'll be a bit conceited.

18. Still-Box7719

“Happily married but…” or “In a relationship with a wonderful man”

19. Jamezon_

'I'm a mom and my kid or kids come first ALWAYS blah blah' like yea we know, thats what a parent is suppose to do.

20. SirMixSalah

'Alpha male.' Example: I need an Alpha male to lead and take charge. Also them: Don't tell me what to do

21. JustSomeYukoner

“Looking for my partner in crime.”

22. FuzzzyFace

'Live, love, laugh'

23. Tweetythesweety

'Please be funny'

24. No-Rub-7252

'Looking for a country boy'

25. Good_Posture

''Bad texter'' or ''Don't text much'' - Then why are you on a text-based dating app???

26. Good_Posture

''No drama'' or ''Tired of drama'' - Tells me you have been around a lot of drama and there has been a constant common denominator; you.

27. az_cards


28. mungraker

'boss bitch' or anything similar.

29. Ryderslow

“Aspiring actor”

30. expressanddiscard

'Fluent in sarcasm' = 'I'm rude and insensitive'

31. petdance

“Lol” as punctuation.

32. CourseMiddle2068

“School of Life”

33. kinggeedra

“Reservations” as in “My love language is dinner reservations”.

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