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Neglectful BF is getting matching tattoos with another woman; it's her roommate

Neglectful BF is getting matching tattoos with another woman; it's her roommate


Ever regret getting a tattoo? How about someone else's?

u/Loud_Dragonfruit_380 was concerned when she found out her bf was getting a matching tattoo with another woman so she went to Reddit for some clarity to ask:

'AITA (Am I the a-hole) for not wanting my bf to get matching tattoos with another girl.'

My bf (m24) wants to get matching tattoos with his friend (f24). They’ve known each other about 6 months longer than I (f24) have known my now bf, so they aren’t childhood best friends or anything like that. I’ve known my bf for about a year and we’ve been dating since 6 months.

They are going on an overnight trip to see a concert soon and decided to get matching tattoos. I only found this out because the girl, who’s also my friend and flatmate, casually mentioned it. My bf hadn’t told me about that tattoo at this point.


He organised the whole tattoo, messaging the tattoo artist and planning the (pretty big) tattoo. (Which I also only found out because of the girl he’s getting the tattoo with) I mention that he’s doing the organisation because he usually doesn’t plan anything for the both of us.

I think it’s weird that he wants to get a matching tattoo with a woman who’s not his gf, family member or at least childhood friend. He doesn’t have any other matching tattoos and in general only 4 (three of them small) tattoos. He thinks it’s totally normal and doesn’t mean anything. AITA for thinking the matching tattoo is weird?

Tattoos are meant to last forever....

How long does Reddit think this relationship will last?

psychwerk7002 broke it down:



Come on now. You came here to confirm what you suspect, that there's something going on between your boyfriend and this girl (or at least that they really wish something was going on with one another).

Trust your gut. This is weirdo behavior on your boyfriend's part. This is not a man who only has eyes for you. NTA (not the a-hole.)

lookoutitsashark says:

NTA (not the a-hole). I had a similar experience with my ex, overnight concert and everything, and it doesn’t really end well. You have a very good reason to be concerned and weirded out, especially because he didn’t tell you. OP, from my experience, sounds like he liked her at some point. Please don’t let him gaslight you into thinking that is normal.

enouche writes:

NTA. Seems like everyone’s tiptoeing around the obvious. I’ll say it: Gone and let him go, girl. That’s her man. Maybe not today, but it’s coming. He’s courting her.

OP finally took the hint (kind of):

I’ve told my bf it’s weird that he is getting a matching tattoo with his friend and have caused a fight over it. Thus action I took that should be judged is me making clear I’m not okay with the tattoo. The action might make me an a-hole because my boyfriend thinks the tattoo is normal, so maybe the tattoo is normal and I’m being an a-hole for over reacting.

OP still thinks they might be in the wrong here, but she did say something...

I guess we'll never know the outcome but Reddit sure seemed to 'know' what's to come.

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