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Woman accidentally insults her deaf crush by signing the wrong thing to her. Updated 2X

Woman accidentally insults her deaf crush by signing the wrong thing to her. Updated 2X


"Made a big mistake asking out a deaf girl"


So I'm a uni student, learning asl. I've been learning for about a year now and it is going well! I recently started going to asl socials last semester and it's a nice way to learn, though very daunting at first.

Last month, I met a girl at one of these that's deaf, and we started talking. Turns out she goes to my university too, which was cool! She's super cute and I was super nervous, but we ended up exchanging numbers, and talk a lot.

Last week I decided to ask her out while we were grabbing lunch at the cafeteria. I asked if she wanted to date and she got... Really upset? She looked mad and sad at the same time and just left, and wouldn't answer my texts. Next time I had class, I asked my professor if I signed everything right, turns out I asked her if she wanted to 'make love,' not date. I'm an idiot.

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Next time try "Coffee, sometime?" Also you should tell her you massively messed up AND tell her you went to the professor to confirm you signed at her wrong.

The OP responded here:


Yeah I texted her but she hasn't responded yet.


Hoo boy, I did something similar when I started dating but I asked if she wanted whiskey wrong, without the pinkie it apparently means anal. That was an awkward chat.


Honestly these types of mistakes are VERY common with new ASL learners. My brother tried to sign “nice to meet you” to my deaf boss, but instead he signed “nice to fuck you.” We all had a good laugh. It’s not a big deal to make the mistake, and I hope your new friend would be understanding of that.

Twelve days later, the OP returned with an update.

"Update: Made a big mistake asking out a deaf girl"


Hey y'all! I didn't expect that last post to explode so much, that was unexpected. Wanted to thank everyone that gave advice, or stories! Both made me feel better, even if I didn't get to reply to you :)

There were also some less nice people in my DMs that were being kinda creepy, so I'll clarify that yes, she and I are both women (though, the people in my DMs would probably call us females.) Okay, onto the update!

So I texted her shortly after posting my post, explaining the mistake. Apparently what went wrong is that after I signed fuck, she signed it back to clarify, and I said yes. She said she forgives me (because I'm cute, yessss!), but to not solicit her in the future, to which I said I'll do my best.

I asked her out for coffee this weekend, and made sure to point out that I'm asking over text so I don't mess up that sign too. She said yes, so we have our first official date this weekend! I'm super excited :)

Also, after that we kept texting, and talking about if we drink. Neither of us do, so I joked that I don't have to worry about messing up the sign for alcohol either. That netted me four 🤣 emojis. A pretty good sign, if you ask me.

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The four 🤣 is definitely a good sign lol good job and good luck!!

The OP responded here:


Thank you!


This is so cute. Thank you so much for the update too. I was really curious!


Don’t know how this popped up on my feed, but I am glad it did because this story made me chuckle. Mostly because it sounds like it has a good outcome. I am glad you were able to clear things up! And TIL such mistakes are common in ASL.

About two and a half months later, the OP returned with another update.

"Final update: Made A Big Mistake Asking Out A Deaf Girl"


Firstly, this isn't a bad update! Just had some people who wanted an update, so I decided to do one last update. Thank you everyone for the kind words in the last two posts :)

So! Been a couple months, things are going very well. She's taught me a lot of fun words my professor doesn't, haha. She makes me very happy, it's hard to focus when she's trying to teach me new signs, I just get distracted by how cute she is! (She tells me that excuse stopped working after the second time I used it.)

I went to her's for a Christmas eve dinner, where I met her family for the first time. I was worried that her family would think it's too soon for me to go to something special like that, but her parents asked her to invite me!

I think her parents thought it would make me less stressed, but the stress to impress was daunting 😵‍💫 Her brother is hearing and her parents are deaf, was nervous for sure but it was good practice and experience. I think I made good impressions, which is nice.

After dinner, her, her brother, and I hung out. He and I talked about video games and nerded out over Baldur's Gate 3 for a while. (united in our love for Karlach!) My girlfriend teasingly said she felt like a third wheel 🤭

Anyway, that's the update! Things are going really good, and I love my girlfriend. Thanks everyone for all the advice and courage to actually go back and talk to her, I was so embarrassed I almost just gave up. So glad I didn't.

Here were the top rated comments from readers after the OP's latest update:


Oh my god 😭🥹 this is adorable.


I needed a cute update today … this was cute.


Ok that was cute and simple. Two people who go out normally together and resolve a misunderstanding by communicating.

Time to stop Reddit for the night.

A heartwarming story for a change! You're welcome!

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