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Guy asks 'unattractive' friend to join him for double date, friend shows him up. UPDATED

Guy asks 'unattractive' friend to join him for double date, friend shows him up. UPDATED


"First time I dressed up for a double date and my friend didn’t like it"


My friend Joel(20M) ask me(21M) to join him for a double date with Jean(20F) and her friend Sam(19F). Joel got a date with Jean but she wanted to make it a double date as she wanted to introduce Sam to the dating scene in a more friendly kinda way.

I agreed to it. Sam wasn’t amused by the idea of me being her date but agreed because she was happy with just the experience. Why? Well, Joel and I are two totally different types of guy. He is the charming and athletic guy while I am the chubby and more reserved one. Doesn’t help I am balding this early in life.

The times I have met her at university have been while I am wearing the same clothes. I have a set of clothes only for university, sort of like a self imposed uniform. Every day is different but I repeat weekly.

So, yesterday I got my hair cut as low as possible without going into shaving, fixed my beard and I have to say I was looking mighty fine. Got out my “brand new” clothes.

Now, today we had our double date after 2pm, I arrived late but only by 5 minutes. Joel was texting me like crazy until I arrived holding a rose for Sam. I am a bit corny but I thought it would be a nice gesture.

Joel wasn’t happy for some reason, Jean looked surprised but Sam, she smiled widely and her eyes sparkled a bit. We start our date and Sam and I are having a bit of a blast. We decided to go out bowling before going for ice cream in recommendation from Sam. We got along but not really enough to say I like her more than a friend. Maybe a second date, solo this time, would be nice.

As we are hanging out, I could feel glances from Joel and small smiles from Jean. I know Jean is smiling because Sam is having fun but I didn’t know why Joel was so angry with me.

After the date Joel unloaded on me. How I was cringe for bringing Sam a rose, that I was there to entertain Sam not distract Jean from him. That I dressed too formal and too fancy. I was only wearing a white shirt, flannel over shirt and jeans with my converse.

He also said I should have stayed at home if I was going to act like I did on the date. I just talked with Sam, shared a meal with her, and went to get her favorite ice cream from her favorite store. He was there, and Jean was 100% onboard with the ideas. I barely talked with Jean, he had all the playing field for himself. Not my fault Jean was more interested in seeing her friend happy.

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Lol maybe the only reason Jean agreed to date your friend was so she'd have an excuse to get Sam out on a date with somebody and Joel is salty about it. Don't worry about it. Sounds like you and Sam had a nice time and Jean is happy that Sam enjoyed herself. Joel is just being insecure.

You absolutely should ask Sam to go out solo. Even if you decide she's not for you romantically, it sounds like you guys get along well and could be great friends.

The OP responded here:


I think i will ask her out, she mentioned she was into retro gaming and we have an old school arcade close to campus.


Joel is just salty because he expected to put in zero effort and still be considered the "catch" between the two of you. Tell Sam you had a great time, and you would like to (insert her interest here) with her next weekend. Good luck to you!


Sounds like he was annoyed that you showed him up on the date. He is probably used to attention and thought being next to you would make him look better. Think DUFF. Sorry, just going based off your description. Girls care way more about thoughts and effort than just "attractive", thats why you were getting the attention of both girls.

The OP responded here:


I knew from the start he was planning to use me to look better. But I wasn’t expecting him to be rude about his date with Jame and blaming it on me.

Two weeks later, the OP returned with an update.

"UPDATE: First time I dressed up for a double date and my friend didn’t like it"


A lot of people wanted an update so here it is. Lets start with my friend Joel. I explained to him what happened and how it made me feel and he apologized. It was a bit of a forced apology but its been two weeks and he has actually changed a bit.

I explained that he should be more attentive with his dates and he took it to heart. He is still the same guy but now he at least tries to actually connect with his date. Jean, well not much, we started hanging out but i don’t know much about what happened with her and Joel. Just that it didn’t worked out. I will take that.

Now, Sam. Well, I asked her out for another date, this time a solo date and she said yes with a big grin on her face. We went to the arcade and we had a blast, maybe too much. That night I returned to my apartment at 3 am and exhausted. That was a night filled with firsts.

With that said, we hit it off, I thought we wouldn’t click but a few drinks at karaoke really made her loosen up a bit and we talked for about 3 hours on our second date. We have had two more dates and now are officially dating. I showed her my last post and she was amused by all your replies.

Here were the top rated comments from readers after this update:


Congrats! Joel was salty because you made him look like a bad date, which obviously was. Enjoy your new relationship.


Glad this ended happily.

Maybe Joel will learn to bring his A game and not rely on being the Cute one.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Good for you. A little effort goes such a long way, I’m so happy for you guys!


For new people seeking context, this man wore nice jeans on his double date and brought a rose and his p*ssy friend took it the wrong way. You are a fine young gentleman and I hope you keep experiencing and enjoying firsts.


Go you! Yay for the happy update! Joel doesn’t sound very fun, he might think his looks might get him everywhere, but that has been proven false! Sorry that it was a forced apology, that sucks. But still!! I’m glad you and Sam are having a blast dating!!


This just made me smile so big, YAY FOR YOU OP!!! I love a happy post!

So, kind of a sweet story, right? It sounds like it was good for his confidence and knocked his cocky friend down a peg.

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