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29 women share the dumbest question they've ever been asked on a first date.

29 women share the dumbest question they've ever been asked on a first date.


Ahh, the wonderful world of dating. It's a jungle out there, and although it's a necessary evil (unless you want to stay single or have an arranged marriage–no judgement), it can be a bit much. In a post on the AskWomen subreddit, people were asked about the dumbest question they were subjected to on a first date. Here are 29 of the craziest....

1. ATVig says:

Had a guy ask me if I was really attached to my children. When I didn’t answer and just made a questioning face, he went on to explain that he doesn’t date women with kids (single mom was clearly stated on my profile) so he was hoping I’d say no and…just get rid of them I guess?!

2. SparklyLobster says:

I complimented the waitress' eyeshadow.

He says, 'Are you trying to set up a 3 way?'

...n... noooo.

3. DinosGamesAndBaking says:

Had a girl ask me if I was into women…while I was on a date with her, a woman.

4. glasstambourine says:

Once a guy didn’t ask me a single question for two hours, so I decided to point that out. He got annoyed, sighed, then said ‘how heavy is your flow?’

5. MidnightFireHuntress says:

'How long have you been Asian for?' whole fucking life???

6. CrystalQueen3000 says:

Will you marry me so I can get a visa to stay?

Nothing will top that for me.

7. noonecaresat805 says:

This was a set up by a friend. This was first time I’d met him. We had been talking for about 10 min when he pulls out a key and put it in the table. Asks me if I want to move in with him that weekend or next weekend. Followed by him telling me that he would like me to be pregnant with our first of four kids by the end of the year.

Oh and he wanted me to hand in my two week notice at work so I could be a full time housewife. Yeah… it was weird.

8. luisapet says:

I'd say the worst first dates were the ones where the guy asked me virtually no questions during the date, but when we were getting ready to leave asked either, 'When can I see you again?' or worse, 'My place or yours?'

9. ​​​​​​​​​​​​sherbiss says:

I one time had a guy ask me if I liked mayonnaise, and then he proceeded to talk about how much he likes mayonnaise and what recipes he includes it in. He literally talked about mayonnaise during the entire date.

10. ​​​​​​​Sand_Dargon says:

I was asked if I had ever killed anyone.

I was in the military, but that is not a good question to ask someone.

11. ​​​​​​​Missyls6 says:

I was polite to our waitress and he asked if I was going to continue being nice to everyone all evening?

12. ​​​​​​​coellan says:

I'm an amputee (leg, below knee). The most common question I get is how do you have sex.... 😳 Idk how everyone else is doing it but I never seen them as a necessary requirement. But then again, maybe I'm biased. 😂

13. ​​​​​​​kittyt0es says:

I was asked if I like being tickled. I said I really don’t like being touched that much. He proceeded to tickle me the entire duration of the movie we went to watch. I didn’t feel bad not texting him back after that.

14. ​​​​​​​Fionaglenannebf says:

Honestly can't remember if it was date 1 or 2, but I was wearing orange eye shadow that looks splendid on me, and the guy asked why I couldn't wear more natural colors. I was like define natural. And he couldn't really explain it to me after I drilled him about it.

15. ​​​​​​​therandom83 says:

Told him I had a biology degree and he said 'wow, so, like, what was your major?'

16. ​​​​​​​hereforthe_swizzle says:

“Can I borrow a strand of your hair so I can floss my teeth?”

17. ​​​​​​​makpat says:

I was asked why I couldn’t just be polite and eat the soup he ordered for me before I even got to the restaurant (I wasn’t late, I was 10 minutes early and he was already seated and ordered everything). I couldn’t eat it because I’ll go into anaphylaxis, it’s shrimp soup. I’m allergic to shellfish.

18. ​​​​​​​esteAuthentique says:

'What's your body count?'

You had one job and it was to make a good impression, and you still messed that up. HOW ?!

19. ​​​​​​​nkownuser35 says:

Had a dude who asked 'What time to u go to bed? I only date girls that go to bed late' because'I only date girls that will stay up late to feed me snacks when I'm gaming '

20. ​​​​​​​WhatIDoIsNotUpToYou says:

While eating dinner, my date said something that made me laugh. He says “you laugh so loudly…don’t you care what other people think?”

21. ​​​​​​​solitarytrees2 says:

'Can you rehome your cats for me? I don't like cats'

No Gary. F**k you Gary.

22. ​​​​​​​KBXGazelle says:

Had a guy ask once if I wanted to get matching tattoos. On the first date.

23. ​​​​​​​Suspicious-Party-950 says:

He asked me if i wanted to go out again after i ended the date because he told me he was in a relationship but was thinking about ending it if the date went well

24. ​​​​​​​IrisButterfly says:

Had a guy ask me how much I make and how much my parents make.

25. ​​​​​​​velvetneenrabbit says:

He asked me if I wanted to buy a dirt bike from him.

26. ​​​​​​​kittyjenaynay says:

“So do you like stuff?” My response was “no, I’m more into things.”

27. ​​​​​​​isnotazombie says:

'You want a beer?' When I had clearly stated that I am in recovery and do not drink any alcohol at all on my profile, and directly to him prior to the date.

28. ​​​​​​​Illustrious_Mix3699 says:

I forgot my wallet, can u pay? Really was true. Still forgetful to this day. Married 12 years. 😂 now he pays for everything

29. ​​​​​​​witch_hekate92 says:

A guy asked me 'how tall are you and how much do you weigh?' while I was right in front of him. That is not even the weird part. He only asked me because he wanted me to ask him back. When I didn't, he just said '..well aren't you going to ask me back?' He only wanted to boast about himself

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