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Man asks new GF about tattoo of his name, she says 'it's not you, it's none of your business.'

Man asks new GF about tattoo of his name, she says 'it's not you, it's none of your business.'


Getting someone's name tattooed on you is a bold move, and it's a bold move that is bound to inspire some questions from people who see the tattoo.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for asking the girl he's seeing about her name tattoo. He wrote:

"AITA for keeping asking the girl I'm seeing about her name tattoo?"

So I’m (27M) dating this girl (24F) for about a month now, and the last time we got together I noticed she has a very small tattoo on the back of her neck. I had never seen it before because it’s covered by her hair. Now here's the weirdest thing: she has MY NAME tattooed.

So obviously the first thing I thought was that she made a tattoo after me, which would be insane given we’re only going out for a few weeks and this is still a casual relationship. But she told me that is not about me, it’s about someone else that has the same name, just a coincidence. I looked closer and noticed the tattoo seems old and faded, so it definitely wasn’t done recently.

Either way, I was obviously intrigued so I asked: “Is someone in your family?” And she just said: “no”, and didn’t provide any additional information. So it was clear she didn’t want to tell me who this person is or was, but now there’s suddenly this missing piece of information about her and I simply can’t let this go.

So I kept asking her: “was it a friend? was it an ex?” – until she lost her patience and told me it’s none of my business. AITA for keep pushing her to tell me who it was?

Also worth saying: she has no other tattoos besides this one, so it seems even more meaningful.

The internet had a lot of questions and comments to share.

HER_XLNC wrote:

YTA. Stop when someone says stop. She doesn't need to tell you anything about her past. The tattoo isn't about you. End of story. Let it go.

brsox2445 wrote:

It's actually the original you. She cloned you in a test tube and put your memories from before the relationship into you. /s

AdInteresting8032 wrote:

YTA. You are not entitled to any information about her past that she is not ready to provide. This is true after years, nevermind a relationship that can be counted in WEEKS.

dubious_unicorn wrote:

YTA and the fact that you immediately thought the tattoo was about you is wild.

No-Abies-1232 wrote:

YTA it isn’t any of your business and maybe it is a very painful memory and she doesn’t want to rehash it at this time. Maybe it’s a story that would be told to someone whom she has dated for more than a month and has built up trust in.

OP is clearly TA here, and as strange as the coincidence might seem to him, he needs to let it go for now.

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