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'My Tinder date turned out to be my childhood nemesis so I decided to prank her.' UPDATED

'My Tinder date turned out to be my childhood nemesis so I decided to prank her.' UPDATED


"My tinder date turned out to be my childhood nemesis."

I've never really told anyone but the very first person I've ever hated was a girl from my childhood who stole my precious balloon. I was about 9 at the time and was an inpatient for private reasons. The hospital was pretty far from home so my parents couldn't see me often but on one particular day, my mom left me a balloon with a "get well soon" on it.

I was fixated on it because it made me feel close to my parents so I would take it with me wherever I was taken. And then, that evening, curious me went out of my ward and ended up getting lost cause tons of people were all over the place. The balloon ended up slipping away and I went after it.... only for this one girl about my age to grab it.

Welp when I asked for my balloon back, she refused and ran off to her mom. I was a very reserved kid and was scared of confronting her, especially with her mom so I let her take it away. I was pretty sad cause the balloon was special to me but I eventually let it go even though the grudge has always remained till today.

Now, I matched with this a girl on tinder and things have been going very well. On our most recent date, we discussed our past regrets and all that...and then she tells me about the time she stole a balloon at a hospital from a boy years ago but has since regretted it. She says she would apologize to the boy given the chance. I was shocked, like legitimately shocked.

At first I wasn't sure cause I thought my mind was playing tricks on me so I led her on for more information, and she revealed many more details that made me 100% sure she was that same girl. I couldn't stop laughing out loud and she'd been trying to figure out why.

I said I just found it really funny but didn't tell her that boy is literally me. She explained that she really liked the balloon and she told her mom "the boy" gifted it to her and now it makes sense why the mother waved at me back then. Like, i genuinely cannot believe the same person who stole my balloon years ago, my one truest antagonist, my villain origin story, has been staring at me right in the face.

The worst part is, I don't know how to deal with the grudge now and it's just so funny to me that this is happening. I'm just waiting for the perfect chance to tell her and see the look on her face.

Edit: Thanks for reading y'all but why does everyone think I want revenge????????? I just want to surprise her that's all. I didn't tell her at that moment because I didn't think she'd believe me. I do have details that only the both of us could know but I thought I needed something stronger, like a picture of me at that time.

I see how it could come off as creepy but I have this well planned, no creepiness at all. And some of your suggestions are so wild. I repeat, I don't want to hurt her, I just want the shock value 😭.

Three days after his original post, he shared this update:

Honestly this update came sooner than I'd have wanted since everything didn't go as planned. I'm gonna try explain in as much detail as I can so it's longish but you can skip to the "reaction" if you want.

Original Plan: The original plan was to get a similar balloon as you suggested....thing is that balloon was slightly complicated. It was one of those heart shaped ones and had multiple colored dots so it was going to take a bit of time to find one. I also managed to find my old photos during my time in hospital from my mom's album.

Generally, I was going to stick the photo to my forehead, have the identical balloon with me and wear something identical to those hospital gowns, call her over and let her get dumbfounded by what's going on, and then clutch on to my balloon for dear life, and say this time she can't take my balloon, then have a figure it all out by herself.

Ok, maybe not the gown thing cause I can imagine it being really weird form her perspective but you get the point, to make it reminiscent of that time she stole my balloon. Reaction: Welp, those plans ended when I got a call from her telling me I wouldn't believe a post she saw on TikTok from a reddit post...and then proceeded to explain my whole post to me and at this point my heart was racing.

She asked if it was me but I denied like my life depended on it, like I didn't even know what reddit was and said she was trying to mess with me. Even after she told me to search it, I still said I didn't see it and used that moment to ask her to come over to prove it. And then later, she did show up and immediately had her phone to my face laughing and saying there was no way this wasn't me

because of the timing and details. I still denied and eventually when we were sitting down listening to the post together, I said it's so crazy and she asked me one last time to reaffirm to her that it wasn't me and I told her no, it wasn't. The confusion she had was funny because I could tell she was trying to wrap her brain around this.

And I was like it's so crazy that these things happen...then slowly started mentioning the accurate details, like along the lines of, 'it's so crazy that you'd meet the person who stole your heart-shaped spotted balloon as a kid on a busy hallway, and then not tell her it was you,

and instead make a whole reddit post because you planned to surprise her but the post landed on TikTok and she caught wind of it and you're still denying whilst literally sitting next to her'....And midway between that, she was already gasping and she hit me with a cushion, telling me to shut up.

I legit couldn't contain my laughter and she was pacing up and down saying there was no way this was happening and I said it was me and that it was about time she gave me my balloon back. I even went to fetch that album and showed her my pictures during my hospital stay and she immediately started apologizing.

I told her I was over it and the post was over-exaggerated for clicks but she said she still wanted to apologize anyway and I also apologized not saying it then because I didn't think she would have believed me and she said she definitely wouldn't have. We talked a bit more and... she promised to buy me a balloon.

Extra: I'm going to have a field telling this to my children at 80 something....idk, the life expectancy here isn't that high. Oh and the "hate fucking" suggestion crew, I pray for all you, find salvation...she read every single comment and y'all better apologize 🙏😭.

Maybe I'll update when I get that balloon? Her mom would also like to see me soooo, that's probably the last thing you'll get out of me. Thanks for being here I guess.

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