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'My Tinder date stole from me. He texted today to plan a second date.' UPDATED

'My Tinder date stole from me. He texted today to plan a second date.' UPDATED


"My Tinder date stole my expensive perfumes. He texted today to plan a second date."

I don’t believe it! I’m starting to regret ending my loveless marriage. I got divorced about a year ago and I’ve been on tinder for a month now. Went for walks and coffee a few times. One guy was nice and pleasant. After a few dates we ended up in my apartment.

When he took a shower afterwards he came back to bed and commented that I had so many perfumes and only expensive ones and we laughed about how smelly I must be to have all these perfumes. We went to bed. Had breakfast the day after and he left. That was yesterday

When I was cleaning the bathroom later, 3 of my perfumes were missing. I was shocked. I looked everywhere and after about 2h I realized they were gone. I know he took them because I used one of them before he came to our date so I KNOW they were there and nobody visited before or after.

Now he texted asking how my day was and if I wanted to see him again. I guess the perfumes he took (worth 1200$) weren’t enough and he wants back for more? Is this dating now? My new life? I’ve been out of order for over 15 years and now if feels like I’ve entered a new dimension. Please someone tell me this is going to get better.

Edit: I’m not interested in getting back my perfumes. Or meeting him in any shape or form. Im just ranting about my first date in over 15 years going this bad. Also I was joking about regretting my divorce. I just find this whole thing laughable and a bit scary actually.

Here are some of the top comments:

"He prolly wants more gifts to give to his actual girlfriend" [link]

"Bluff and tell him that your camera caught him steal your perfumes and unless he returns them to you, you will call the police." [link]

"Buy liquid ass and put it in a expensive bottle and invite him round again🀣" [link]

"Did you report him on Tinder? Can you change your locks?" [link]

OP's response:

"I did report him on Tinder! I thought maybe others have reported him."

"Why aren't you going to the police? He robbed you. He saw you as an easy hit. He probably has others that he has done this to also. Go to the police!" [link]

OP's response:

"I’m a bit scared actually. His audacity made me wonder what the police can do. I have no proof he took them. I showed the doorman his photo so he doesn’t let him in."

"Women literally divorce their husbands thinking it’s gonn get better with other dudes πŸ˜‚*. Most of the times that greener grass is just your own perception.*" [link]

OP's response:

"Literally a brick wall is better than a loveless marriage but you wouldn’t understand. I’m way happier and more content now that I ever was. Even with three perfumes less☺️"

A day after her original post, she shared this update:

So he texted again this morning. He told me that he wasn’t sure if I got his last text and asked again if I wanted to go out. I texted back this time. You must be joking. You stole my perfumes and now you want to see me again?

He texted back, ah about that. I’m sorry. I was just overwhelmed by the life of abundance that you live and felt a bit bitter. He said that he didn’t think I would notice. He wanted to apologize because he knew what he did was wrong.

I told him that I didn’t want to see him anymore but if he really thought what he did was wrong he could leave my perfumes with the doorman or better yet compensate me with 70% of the price and keep them. I don’t care if I get back my perfumes more than I would think less lowly of him. He didn’t answer.

I’m speechless tbh. Before we met I did my homework and googled him thoroughly. He’s 41, a teacher. An average well educated middle class dude. I’ve learned now not to to be too trusting.

Also I’ve learned a new thing here. Not to go walks and coffee. I didn’t know it was a thing really but I will try to make it harder for men and weed out some of the misfits from the startπŸ˜‚ otherwise I’m good. I’m happy and content. This experience was sad and pathetic but it doesn’t mean I’d rather stay in a loveless marriage like many of you seem to prefer.

Take what I said in my first (and this) post with a grain of salt because I wasn’t serious. This whole experience was laughable. Thank you very much for your comments. Some where hilarious! I didn’t expect so many and I guess I’ll see you after my next date with some weirdo πŸ˜…πŸ«‘ Cheers

edit: He has now dropped the perfumes downstairs. Thats good but I’m not sure I want them in my home anymore πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬ (how do you make the text bigger?)

Some comments on the update post:

"I'd forgotten the edit in the first post and was about to ask what was wrong with a coffee and a walk since I thought it was a pretty easy and casual first date aha. Sucks about your perfume though, doesn't even matter about the price, I know once you find 'the one' so to speak, it's one you go back to again and again.

Hopefully he chooses to leave them with your doorman and sees sense that he's a bit of a idiot." [link]

"You live a nice life so stealing something he has no use for to punish you is a good way to go? Dude needs help." [link]

"He admitted in writing he stole them? Dude, screw that guy, he's an idiot you should totally call the cops if you want them back or want the money for them. You've got all the leverage in the world. Just sayin." [link]

OP's response:

"He has now left them downstairs. I’m not touching them everπŸ˜…"

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