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21 bedroom decorations that make you look 'unattractive.'

21 bedroom decorations that make you look 'unattractive.'


Your room typically says who you are. Are you clean or messy? Are you a minimalist or a hoarder? Do you have adult art on your walls, or are there still video game posters on them? People on a popular Reddit thread discuss things they've seen in other people's bedrooms that gave them the 'ick.'

What is a bedroom decoration that makes somebody unattractive?

1. Low-Flamingo-9835 says:

I knew a guy with a framed professional photo of himself, shirtless, over the top of his bed.

2. ConservativeAdmin says:

A blue 55-gallon barrel is in the corner.

3. Patiod says:

The first night I brought my partner back to my apartment, I told him some stories about my dachshund (who lived at my mom's house). He saw a dachshund plushie sitting on the TV and thought that was what I was talking about.

Later, when he met my dog, he said, 'oh, what a relief! I thought you were crazy!'

4. Leeser says:

If you’re a guy with too many posters of bikini-clad women on your walls, that’s a huge turn-off.

5. Ryoukugan says:

A tasteful arrangement of c*m socks.

6. Not_Logan_Paul says:

Live, laugh, love.

7. n47an131 says:

Pictures of their ex

8. Nesta-in-training says:

A doll that suspiciously looks like your mother.

9. Optimal_Bad_8965 says:

Handlebars on the headboard

10. Kimberlylynn2003 says:

Using old liquor bottles as decoration. Not special ones, but the kind that shows off that they drink excessively.

11. fetus1187 says:

Fluorescent lights. It makes everyone unattractive.

12. SpaceDave83 says:

Dolls. Lots of dolls. Dolls that stare at you. Dolls that judge your soul. Dolls that become possessed.

13. OtherRedditLogin says:

Confederate flag.

14. hiswifenotyours says:

Not necessarily decor- but a messy room, like trash, clothes everywhere, etc.

15. berserkirr says:

A rug without roads

16. Flowerinthevalley says:

A pile of 3 car stereos

17. murderymcmurderface says:

Moldy dishes. I mean dirty dishes in general other than a drink bottle or water glass, but when you can tell they’ve been there for ages… ew

18. kindofastoryteller says:

Andrew Tate posters on the wall

19 nucleartaco130 says:

Anime girls everywhere

20. sadsydknee says:

A mattress on the floor and not like, tatami mats or something that is meant for the floor - like a proper IKEA mattress, fitted sheet hanging off, on the floor

21. bewarethechameleon says:

Those people that unironically collect swords and martial arts weapons they don't know how to use, it conjures up thoughts of you doing this in your spare time lol

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