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16 men share the mistakes they think women make when looking for a relationship.

16 men share the mistakes they think women make when looking for a relationship.


1. No_Contribution_421 says:

I knew some very confident women that had their lives planned out and KNEW exactly who their type was when they'd be ready for a relationship and exactly what the ideal relationship was for them. They were so hyper-specific about what they wanted that they phased out any natural romanticism in their lives. Their relationships weren't organic attractions, just a checklist.

2. izomiac says:

Not spending enough time single. I've seen numerous female friends and coworkers go through this cycle where they stick around in a failed relationship too long, spend one - two weeks single, thinking they're going to die alone and never feel love again, then start a new relationship with the first marginally acceptable guy they find until the cycle repeats.

3. qualitypine says:

Lack of communication. Obviously this goes both ways, but if you are open right away or a few dates in with what you want or are looking for, that will save yourself and your fellow time and potential hurt feelings.

4. smokeywokeypokey says:

My cousin is single, and she was telling me what she looks for in a man: brown hair, can play guitar, full head of hair, 5'10+, a job paying 40k+, car, owns a house, has a dog, but not a big dog, can cook, willing to pay for holidays abroad twice a year, same taste in music as her, lets her pick what they watch on tv, etc, etc ad nauseum.

I think she set her bar a bit too high, her perfect man who could have treated her like a queen, checked all the boxes but had black hair, or had receding hair, or played the oboe instead of the guitar, and she would have passed them by. Not saying all women are my cousin, but that's an example of why she's single at almost forty.

5. Friendly_Guarantee48 says:

Two: They don't fix their attachment issues, so they keep recreating the same circumstances repeatedly. They're afraid to ask for what they want. 'I want to fall in love with someone, get married, and have a couple of kids, and I'm looking for the same from my partners.' They seem to think that will scare men away. This is the freakin point because the men who'll go running when they hear that are exactly the ones she wants to avoid dating, anyhow.

Bonus: not leaving a relationship soon enough. 'Well, we've been dating for five years, and I don't know if he wants to get married.' It seems like when you're 20 and hot, you have all the time in the world to graduate, get your career track started, then find a good man, settle down, and have a family. But life comes at you fast, and two or three failed relationships later, you find yourself at 32, with no boyfriend, doing the 'if I want a kid at 35, how much time do I have left to find a man and get married?' math.

6. BackItUpWithLinks says:

Going on the first few dates thinking “THIS IS THE GUY!” Finding a guy with characteristics she doesn’t like, thinks she can change him, then blames him when he refuses to change. Assuming this guy is going to be like her last guy and preemptively/overly a jerk about something a new guy does that’s similar to the old guy.

The 'what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine' mentality. Either we both share equally or we keep separate stuff, but dating you does not mean he should relinquish half his stuff while you don’t contribute.

7. Coidzor says:

Treating the guy she views as a serious prospect worse than the guys who were just flings.

8. Crowbar242L says:

Not getting over their previous relationships before getting into a new one. I just broke up with my ex last year over that. If you tell me you still love your ex seven months into a relationship with me, f*ckin bye.

9. Classic-Sea-6034 says:

Not asking out the guy they’re crushing on would be a start

10. jxsnyder1 says:

Mixed signals, drama for the sake of drama, flaking out, etc.

11. Kreynard54 says:

Im dating one right now who's making a mistake. Ladies and gents, talk to your man before reacting to things, especially if it's bothered you for a while, be honest and transparent. It goes a LONG way toward avoiding drama.

Here's the mistake: She misinterpreted something I said instead of talking to me about how she felt (for 4-5 days, this bothered her). She told her dumba** friend who can't hold a relationship and sleeps with married dudes. Idiot friend called the other couple we are friends with, and they got mad at me for something that never happened.

I had to apologize and explain what she had misinterpreted. She doubled down on her misinterpretation. I gave her the option of 'maybe you misheard me,' and she doubled down again.

Here's the thing, when you double down as if you're sure, and the other party knows to form their perspective it didn't happen, you've entered into a waste of time bullsh*t argument. I genuinely believed she was lying about the entire thing and had to throw her under the bus for her friend trying to throw me under the bus. Our mutual couple friends said, 'we know it's a miscommunication.' - Thankfully, they're f*cking awesome.

12. thedukeinc says:

I had a woman who came over to my house on a 3rd date and started talking about how she would rearrange my house when she moved in. I blocked her immediately. Please respect someone’s private space unless you are in a committed relationship.

13. Senepicmar says:

Only getting advice from other women in the same boat and staying in the echo chamber.

14. knotjust says:

I'm a female lurker, but a close friend of mine claims she wants a boyfriend to settle down with, but when she goes on dates, she IMMEDIATELY starts talking about sex, and all the stuff she's done, that she's seeing lots of guys casually, etc. She likes being seen as 'sexy' and desirable and letting people know she's DTF and kinky.

But hearing that, I think, for the average guy, makes them want to f*ck her but not stick around and be committed. So they do, and she gets bummed out that she can't find 'the one.'

15. AdamAdmant says:

Chase mentality. Sex is a prize that is earned. Entitlement. Lack of serious effort. Shallowness. Lack of commitment.

16. GreenJean65 says:

To realize you are looking for a husband, not a boyfriend. Husband material may not be as exciting as a boyfriend. You need to find someone that will stand by you, is a good person, has a good moral compass, and is compassionate.

I don't know if some of these men have actually had a date with a woman.

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