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16 things men do when they aren't ready to say, 'I love you' back.

16 things men do when they aren't ready to say, 'I love you' back.


Everyone's threshold for saying, 'I love you' is different. Some people can say it fairly easily, while others are less comfortable with those words. How you respond to someone who says, 'I love you' if you aren't ready to say it back gets tricky.

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskMen Subreddit, men share how they respond when they aren't ready to say, 'I love you' back.

They write:

1) scooter-willie says:

finger guns

2) CarltheWellEndowed says:

Tell her you want to mean it when you say it; if you said it now, it wouldn't be genuine.

3) RampantPuppy says:

See ya in Chemistry.

4) Ropeshooter69420 says:

Say, 'I love YouTube.'

'Say, I love YouTube.'

5) teamwheelhurr says:

Tell her you’re reading the same book but she’s a few chapters in front of you.

6) BigMasterDingDong says:

Cross your fingers when you say it back.

7) lburton273 says:

Fake a heart attack.

8) RyRyReezy2 says:

That’s awesome sauce.

9) OrallyObsessed8 says:

'And I love you, random citizen!'

10) aperez423 says:

I think Han Solo said it best. 'I know.'

11) Kreynard54 says:

'I care a lot about you, and while im not there yet, the moment i am ill say it.'

12) stickman2324 says:

My girlfriend and I broke even and used that line from Scott Pilgrim 'time to break out the L word, Scott.' 'Lesbians?' Long story short, we said, 'I'm in lesbians with you' until I was comfortable to say it.

13) MalekethsGhost says:

I love me too.

14) SaltTM says:

You started the season without me?

15) Possible-Delay says:

Classic schmosbey.

16) Imaginary-Issue8303 says:

'That’s great.' I said this. We just laughed it off.

Sources: Reddit
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