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13 men share what they pretend to like to impress women.

13 men share what they pretend to like to impress women.


Men will do almost anything to impress a lady. How far will they go, you wonder? Well, a popular Reddit thread asked men to share what they pretended to like because they thought it would get them a girl.

1. KeeperOT7keys has a philosophy on these things.

I started reading philosophy because I thought girls would find it cool. lmao, it never helped. I realized no girls around me were into philosophy anyway, but on the positive side, I actually ended up liking philosophy and read bunch of books during that period.

2. iiBroken sometimes you attract the wrong gender.

Motorcycles. I have so many friends in our biker group that got a motorcycle cause they thought it would get them, girls. It turns out the majority of people interested in motorcycles are guys

3. Kenyko sure...a 'friend.'

Had a friend who pretended to like the Jonas Brothers to try and get girls.

4. Sweddybob69 that's a big 'L' for your health.

I started smoking to impress a girl who I liked in the 1980s. She shagged my mate instead. It took me 30 years to stop

5. rav252 reluctantly says:

I absolutely despise talking. I'm a quiet guy but talk well because you have to. If I could be quiet my entire life I would

6. DrivingAlone sometimes it works.

I pretended to like Taylor Swift to bag this girl I was really into. Ended up marrying her and now I am a 'Swiftie'.

7. HFAARP learned a skill.

I learned to cook because I thought girls would like it, but now I don't care about girls. I just want to cook food and clown with my boys.

8. Stoicnuts1234 wants a beer belly and a football game.

Having your weekends suddenly full of activities instead of watching the game and relaxing.

9. Clinical_Subject065 will watch whatever you want.

Watching The Bachelorette

10. Jew_with_a_Tattoo is a wife guy.

With my now wife…baseball. Well, she knows I don’t like baseball. I think it’s boring as can be. But her parents LOVE baseball. They go to spring training and all the games. I go and pretend to enjoy it, but I’m bored to tears.

11. Squash61 is calling out the shredded men.

Genuinely surprised I haven’t seen the gym on here yet. There’s definitely a good amount of men that don’t particularly enjoy lifting, but keep doing it because they hope to the improvements to their appearance will make them more attractive to women.

12. balloons4everyone is blowing up her husband's spot.

My husband used to take girls to the book shop when he went on dates as a teenager because it made him look 'deep'

13. Comfortable_Tale4690 can tell you about their Return to Saturn.


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