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13 men share what they pretend to like to impress women.

13 men share what they pretend to like to impress women.


Men will do almost anything to impress a lady. How far will they go, you wonder? Well, a popular Reddit thread asked men to share what they pretended to like because they thought it would get them a girl.

1. KeeperOT7keys has a philosophy on these things.

I started reading philosophy because I thought girls would find it cool. lmao, it never helped. I realized no girls around me were into philosophy anyway, but on the positive side, I actually ended up liking philosophy and read bunch of books during that period.

2. iiBroken sometimes you attract the wrong gender.

Motorcycles. I have so many friends in our biker group that got a motorcycle cause they thought it would get them, girls. It turns out the majority of people interested in motorcycles are guys

3. Kenyko sure...a 'friend.'

Had a friend who pretended to like the Jonas Brothers to try and get girls.

4. Sweddybob69 that's a big 'L' for your health.

I started smoking to impress a girl who I liked in the 1980s. She shagged my mate instead. It took me 30 years to stop

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