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Woman gets accused of faking BF, she brings furious BF to set things straight.

Woman gets accused of faking BF, she brings furious BF to set things straight.


Ideally, you want all of your friends to get along with your partner, which is why first impressions are so important.

A first impression can make or break people's chances of getting along, so if you're the common link between them, it's important to give them a fair shake at connection. However, not all people view it this way, and the larger social circumstances are going to wildly affect how a first meeting goes.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for how she introduced her boyfriend.

She wrote:

AITA for how I introduced my boyfriend since my friends thought he was fake?

I (26F) have been dating my boyfriend (27M) for almost a year now, he works at the hospital so his hours are all over the place. I hang out with my friends at least once a week and have been talking about him for a while. We were at the bar last week and my friend Ella came over and handed me a number. She told me that the guy passed it to her to give to me.

Basically said he was interested and you could use a fun time out. My friends giggled and I told them I have a boyfriend. Ella said sure you do and rolled her eyes. I asked what that meant and my other friend jumped it. They haven't met him for the whole time we have been dating, they have been to my place and none of his stuff is there, I don't have pictures on my phone and we both don't use social media much.

She puts the number in my hand and says have a good time with someone that exists. We have asked to meet him multiple times but I have cancelled every time. I was pretty pissed at this point and soon left. I told my bf and he was shocked and told me he will meet them next hang out. We are just busy people. I bring him as a surprise to the hangout and introduce him.

I told him these were my friend who thought I was a liar. He then lectures them about trying to get their friend hooked up and how immoral it was. Ella stood up and told him to f**k off and that she wished he wasn't real since he is a jagoff. The rest of them also left after calling me an a*s about how I handled this. One said a picture would have worked and they don't need lectures from a stranger.

The internet weighed in with their assessments.

Solid_Quote9133 wrote:

ESH, a full year and you didn't have a single picture??? Meeting him always got canceled. I wouldn't believe you either. Also, a grown man giving a lecture to your friend group is so weird and a jerk move. Also quick question, your friends jump right to you were lying, has this happened before, have you made stuff up or was this just a jerk random jerk move on their part?

So OP's comments state, she is the exaggerator of the group. I am not surprised the friend group went to her lying after a whole year of cancelations and no pictures or any social account.

Brainjacker wrote:

ESH. You have NO pictures of someone you've been dating almost a year that could have easily cleared this up???? Your friends obviously suck for assuming you were a liar, but honestly if you're cancelling on them all the time and have zero pictures with your significant other it sounds like you're not the most involved friend/gf. I might think it was fake too.

johnbooth703 wrote:


Your friends didn’t listen to you or respect your boundaries. Doesn’t seem like your boyfriend ripped into them either. I don’t think you’re in the wrong.

Optycalillusion wrote:

NTA. You don't owe anyone access to your personal life in the form of pictures or meeting your boyfriend. They didn't believe you, so they thought you were a liar, and so they tried to get you to hook up with some strange dude at a bar? These don't sound like friends to me.

TrelanaSakuyo wrote:

ESH they are right about not needing lectures. You could have had fun and made jokes with him about them, but he chose the a**hole road. Your friends suck for not respecting your boundaries and believing you. You suck because you just let your boyfriend rip into your friends, and you keep friends that don't trust you and believe your words as truth.

Clearly, the internet can't agree on this one.

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