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Woman tells BF with teddy bear collection to 'grow up' and stop being 'embarrassing.'

Woman tells BF with teddy bear collection to 'grow up' and stop being 'embarrassing.'


It doesn't matter how old you are, we all need our home comforts.

Whether it's video games, baths, knitting, cooking or a soft stuffed animal to cuddle up with, it's crucial to have comforting ways Part of the intimacy of dating someone is learning and accepting all their secret soothing techniques. However, sometimes even the smallest details about someone can bring up incompatibilities.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she's wrong for wanting her boyfriend to get rid of his teddy bears.

She wrote:

AITA for wanting my boyfriend to get rid of his teddy bears?

So my boyfriend is a great guy but he has about 7 different teddy bears all with names, not from childhood, he recently bought them between 3-5 years ago. He cuddles them and sometimes talks to them. He lives a normal life, makes good money, and the relationship is overall good. It’s not even like he ignores me I just find it really weird and embarrassing.

I told him he should grow up and stop being crazy he started crying and is now in the room talking to the stupid bear again instead of talking it out with me. How does this guy make enough money for a 3 bed house on his own yet does stupid stuff like this? For the record, we don’t live together and completely support ourselves separately. Should I encourage him to get a hobby or something?

AITA: For wanting a grown man to stop having teddy bears? As far as I know, nothing happened to make him specifically want a teddy bear. The first one he got because it was a Pokémon thing or whatever then it just spiraled into more.

The internet did not hold back one tiny bit.

Elle_Degenerate wrote:

YTA. I'd find dating someone as insecure as you to be weird and embarrassing. I hope he ditches you and keeps his bears.

Venetrix2 wrote:

YTA. The dude has his life together to the point where he owns a 3-bed house, he's allowed his coping mechanisms. Everyone has their weird quirks; if his are really too much for you to tolerate, this isn't the relationship for you.

thebaylorweedinhaler wrote:

YTA in this situation and quite frankly if this is the biggest issue you have with your bf then you should consider yourself lucky. I’m in a throuple and both my partners (F 25) (F 28) love stuffed animals and squishmellows of all kinds.

Our room is full of them. I’d never think to tell them to get rid of them. If it’s not weird for an adult female then it shouldn’t be weird for an adult male. Sometimes people don’t always get to have stuff like that during childhood so they try to make up for it later in life. Why make him get rid of something that makes him happy?

Environmental_Bee678 wrote:

You made him cry over something personal and private that probably brings him a sense of comfort. Do I have to tell you YTA? Everyone has something about themselves that isn't 'normal' If the worst thing he does is talk to a stuffed animal, you have it better than you think you do, and if you don't like it, end the relationship so he can find someone who loves him quirks and all.

OP certainly didn't get the response she was hoping for, but hopefully she listens to the unanimous YTA, and recognizes how judgemental she's being.

Sources: Reddit
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