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Woman 'dumps' man because he's allergic to cats, he freaks out on her over text.

Woman 'dumps' man because he's allergic to cats, he freaks out on her over text.


Everyone has different deal breakers in the dating world, but one of the biggest ones is pets. Animal people aren't going to be compatible with someone with strong allergies or no love for pets. So, it's best to find out about this early on in the dating. However, it's never easy to reject someone or have a conversation about how you're not compatible.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for breaking it off with a man who is allergic to cats.

She wrote:

AITA for breaking it off with a guy because he’s allergic to cats?

I (23F) was seeing a guy (24M) who I’ll call Bob. Me and Bob had only seen each other 2 times before this incident so it wasn’t very serious. Now during our most recent date 3 days ago I brought up and showed him my two cats, Ed Sheeran and Bartholomeow (please don’t question their names) who I love to bits.

Bob laughed about their names and he said that it’s a shame I would have to get rid of them if he ever moved in. I asked why and he told me he’s allergic, and not “he’ll get the sniffles” kinda bad but more like “he could die if he doesn’t have epi-pen on him” kinda bad.

This was a deal breaker for me but I didn’t want to be rude so I continued with the date like normal then politely informed him afterwards that we should see other people. He asked why and I told him the reason which made him pissed and he said that nobody should choose their pets over their partner which weirded me out since again we had only seen each other twice before this.

He then harassed me for the next two days telling me that I was “wasting a good man” and that “relationships can last a lifetime and cats will die” and other s@#t like that until I blocked his number. Now I feel like I dodged a total bullet but I do kinda feel bad so AITA?

People were quick to comment all of their thoughts.

Low-Depth8791 wrote:

NTA. And oh boy did you dodge a bullet! Serious 'nice guy' energy in those texts. Go home and snuggle those kitties girl while Bob wonders why he's single without trying to address and or fix any of his toxic traits.

KyussJones wrote:

Third date and he’s already talking about how you’ll have to change your life and get rid of your cats if he moves in? Kick him to the curb. NTA.

embopbopbopdoowop wrote:

“Nobody should choose their pets over their partner.” He wants to be prioritized over your fur family after three dates? And decided the best way to convince you of this was to repeatedly tell you he’s a good man and your cats will die? Bullet. Dodged. NTA.

Flimsy_Field_8837 wrote:

NTA. I have my doubts that Bob was as allergic as he lets on. Someone that severely allergic would put that on his profile and avoid anyone with a cat because cat dander and hair could easily be on OP's clothes and trigger an attack while sitting together.

I'm betting that Bob dislikes cats and uses the allergy complaint as a control move. He gets off by trying to get women to put him before their cats (which given his sh!&$y personality isn't going to happen)!

Noneya_Biddness wrote:

I have a furbaby who is almost 16 years old. I am allergic to her, to the point that one of my lungs partially collapsed once because of the pet dander and fur. On occasion, I will get huge welts if she licks my arm. She doesn’t like to be held or picked up, and she is kind of standoffish. Even through ALL of that, I would still choose her over a relationship. NTA.

OP is definitely NTA here, and it sounds like she seriously dodged a bullet.

Sources: Reddit
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