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Woman kicks BF out after he eats her allergy-specific food while she's in the shower.

Woman kicks BF out after he eats her allergy-specific food while she's in the shower.


Hell hath no fury like someone who discovered their special food stash was raided.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for kicking her BF out after he ate all of her special food. She wrote:

"AITA for asking my boyfriend to leave my house after eating all my (specific to me) food?"

I (22F) had my boyfriend (24M) over last weekend. He usually asks for food and such which I'm okay with. I have many food allergies that make it hard to buy food I can eat, but I keep other things for my boyfriend to eat. This one particular night I had hopped in the shower, meanwhile, my boyfriend was going through my pantry, fridge, etc, and just grabbing whatever he wanted to eat.

I didn't have much at the time because I needed to go to the grocery store. when I got out of the shower I had gotten dressed and asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner, he replied, WHILE eating my protein bars, that he "wasn't hungry." I found that a little weird but didn't push it. I then started to realize I didn't have any more food I could eat, all that was left was food he could have.

I asked him if he knew where all of my food went to and he said "yeah, I ate it, I got hungry." I then got upset and went over to the couch where he was sitting and found wrappers, empty boxes, bags empty, and him staring at me. I started screaming, asking him if he knew how expensive my food was because I have to eat with accommodations and how I didn't have much left to eat to begin with.

He then replied with "can't you just order takeout?" I got so upset that I packed my things and told him to leave and go home. In conclusion, AITA?

Redditors kept it 100 percent real.

Armyman125 wrote:

Even if he wasn't thinking the proper response would be to apologize and asked for a shopping list and went to the store. A considerate person would have done that. IMO.

Historical_Ask5435 wrote:

Is he unemployed? Why are you feeding him? Why isn't he buying his own food? Why did he ask you to get takeout instead of offering to pay for food for you? Tell your ex-boyfriend he's a loser if he can't feed himself on his own dime at 24. NTA but you will be if you stay with him.

AlchemyAngel85 wrote:

NTA. He knew you had allergies and ate your food and knew he did because he said as much when you asked. If he ever comes over again he needs to bring his own snacks or food and you should only supply your own food until he learns not to eat your food...not only is it expensive but also you can die from eating food your allergic to so he just gambled with your life!!!

Dorobozaru wrote:

NTA you need to nip this behaviour in the bud now or end it. I had an ex that would eat all my food and it was the lead-in to financial abuse once we were living together. He would eat everything in the household, leaving me with nothing, then accuse me of abusing him by not buying enough food.

I’d have to spend twice as much on groceries just to end the fights and constantly had to eat out because there was never food for me at home. The whole plot was to keep me spending more than I could afford so I couldn’t save money to leave. It was awful. I still have issues with sharing food and it’s been nearly 20 years now.

Maybe your BF is just dumb and not malicious, but that level of stupidity isn’t worth investing yourself in. He needs to smarten up, or drop the act, and if he can’t, he needs to go.

OP is NTA at all, but her BF is a giant steaming one.

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