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Woman shares story of 'accidentally' hooking up with her former youth pastor.

Woman shares story of 'accidentally' hooking up with her former youth pastor.


Dating in the modern age means one-night stands. Especially when you're going back to your hometown, letting yourself go is fun for people. On a popular Reddit thread in the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit, one woman has a one-night stand that is truly one for the books.

TIFU by accidently hooking up with my former youth pastor.

Congrats on graduating, OP!

I (24F) temporarily moved back home for the summer after graduating college.

Tinder is a dangerous place to be when you're bored.

One night I was bored and went on tinder; I matched with an older guy (37), but he was pretty good-looking, and we got along well; the next day, we decided to meet up. I felt like I recognized him from somewhere, but it's a relatively small town, so I didn't think much of it.

OP is part of a God-fearing family.

We met up at a local bar, and one thing led to another, and we ended up having sex in the back of his car. I was leaving the next week, so I didn't care what had happened. The next day is the only Sunday my mom has had off since I've been there, and she wants us all to go to church.

Uh-oh, spicy.

Guess who's doing the sermon that day? He immediately recognized me, and we made awkward eye contact for a second.

Then it hits me...

He. Was. My. Youth. Pastor.

I hadn't seen him in almost a decade.

Small towns are filled with large drama.

I have no idea if he knew who I was right away, and I'd rather not know. I left in a hurry after the service.

Oh, and I found out later he was married. So there's that.

BlondeBobaFett says:

This pastor in a small town is tindering with his face in photos!!!

pijd says:

Was the sermon about adultery?

HonestCup20 says:

Any dude having sex in a car at his age is hiding something.. holy hell.

You did nothing wrong, OP. What that pastor did is between him, God, and his partner.

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