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34 women share 'the most f'd up reason' someone broke up with them.

34 women share 'the most f'd up reason' someone broke up with them.


Almost all of us have broken up with someone, and been broken up with. It's never fun, no matter what side you're on. But some are so crazy we're still thinking about them years later. In the AskWomen subreddit people were asked what's the most f'd up reason you've ever been broken up with. Here are 34 of the craziest.

1. msstark says:

'I'm too young to be in a relationship, I should be traveling the world instead of settling down!' He was 24. Two weeks later he was signing a 30 year mortgage... and dating his new coworker.

2. VesnaRune says:

“I can’t/don’t want to deal with your grief”. I had just lost a parent

3. Mac_nocheeze says:

my very first boyfriend left me because he said he was going off to college and going to meet other, better women. He was a senior and I was a freshman. To this day he is still single and has tried to hit me up twice. I ignored him both times.

4. FiendishCurry says:

I wanted to talk about where the relationship was going. He thought I wanted to break up with him. So he broke up with me via text because 'I don't handle rejection well.' No shit. You handle it so poorly that you basically ended up rejecting yourself. He's still single.

5. Banana_boof says:

I started wearing thongs, he thought it was inappropriate lol

6. insomniahag says:

I didn't have a college degree. I was in college working on my degree at that time.

7. musicmaj says:

'I need a partner in crime to go see bands and concerts with, who loves music like me.' I was in the middle of a Bachelor of Music degree. I did nothing but go see bands. All the time.

Since the breakup I have finished said degree, played in several bands, become a songwriter, performed in my city's 'Best of City' performance. I'm a public school music teacher. I teach music privately on the side. I have a 3rd side job performing in a corporate drumline for major league sports teams.

I have also seen about 120 concerts in my millennial life and traveled all around the world to go see different concerts. I still have no idea what he was on about.

8. Content_Pool_1391 says:

He got a job as a bartender in Vegas. and he didn't think he could stay faithful while working in a place like that.....

9. Coyotesgirl1123 says:

Not me, but a friend of a friend got dumped by her husband for being “too fat” because she had severe medical issues that caused her to gain about 20 lbs. she wasn’t obese or anything. He just wants a fitness model I guess. So much for “in sickness and in health”…

10. galactic_kidd says:

That I was too nice and not a challenge. Roger that

11. No-Understanding-901 says:

I’m in therapy and he “will never be serious about someone with mental health issues”

12. jemynii says:

I had an ex who was constantly breaking up with me and coming back crying and I, a fool in fool's shoes, kept letting him back. reasons usually were that I never wanted to do anything while simultaneously rejecting any ideas I had about going out to do something.

I eventually got fed up THANK GOD and left him for good.

13. Spoonula says:

Because I suddenly and inexplicably started gaining weight. He policed my food, raided my room multiple times to see if I was hiding snacks, and made me feel too ashamed to eat in front of him. I kept telling him that I was doing nothing different, but he refused to believe me. I had no health insurance at the time and couldn't afford to go see a doctor.

He ended up dumping me the night before our wedding because he 'didn't want to marry a fatty.'

About a year later I was finally able to see a doctor to get some tests done, and it turns out that my thyroid levels were very low. I know 'I have a thyroid condition' is the meme excuse for being overweight, but it genuinely was the case for me.

However, because it sounds like such a lame excuse and because I still feel ashamed for being dumped for gaining weight, I almost never tell people this story.

14. ​​​​​​​ModeBrave says:

“you deserve better “ 🤡 she said.

15. ​​​​​​​Pandasgirl69 says:

We were engaged. I caught him cheating on me. Why? His mommy set them up cuz I’m not Italian. He had no backbone. I kicked him and his mother to the curb.

16. ​​​​​​​Persuasive101 says:

His dad hated me. Like ok daddys little boy. I actually got back together with him - and then broke up with him because well... he was both daddy and mommys little boy and I couldn't stand it. He then moved up north - with his parents ofc, and have not had a girlfriend since. It was 15 years ago.

17. ​​​​​​​iam-melonlord says:

“all my friends told me to so i did.” biggest follower​​​​​​​ i’ve ever met in my life.

18. theotherlead says:

Because my hair was too curly/crunchy lol

19. ​​​​​​​desertcoyoteazul says:

He went on a short internship and said our life was headed in different directions.

Yet, he’s still to this day in my DM’s 🤨

20. pastel-mattel says:

I wasn’t Christian enough.

He then went on to marry a woman who cheated on him and got pregnant. He divorced her and now messages me once a month apologizing for leaving me when I was his first love and in gods eyes he shouldn’t have been with anyone else after me because he lost his virginity to me. LOLOLOL

21. ​​​​​​​noberyllium says:

We had been together for a couple of months when he told me that he's breaking up with me because his pastor had arranged for him and the pastor's daughter to be married😐

22. ​​​​​​​Jekawi says:

'God is telling me to break up with you'

23. ​​​​​​​OzRockabella says:

'All my girlfriends before you dumped me, and this time, I wasn't waiting for it to happen again, so I dumped you.' ~ My first boyfriend.

24. ​​​​​​​514to506 says:

'My parents will never accept you' after dating for almost 3 years. Different cultures and religions. But I'm sorry you didn't notice the color of my skin 3 years ago?

25. ​​​​​​​tvp204 says:

One of the reasons he gave was that we didn’t have enough in common.

We’d been together 8.5 years and were married.

26. ​​​​​​​33mercer says:

He said it was me or his car because we were both expensive

27. ​​​​​​​nopenopenope86 says:

I wore a hat on our date night. He didn't like it. I refused to take it off. He broke up with me.

28. Whiff-Of-Wu-Or-Tang says:

After 2 years of being together, he wanted to give it a shot with a friend of ours. Said she was a “gift from god” and he couldn’t turn the opportunity down. After two weeks of trying to (unsuccessfully) court her and texting me like I was his bestie about all the stuff he loved about her, he gave up and called me to say he wants me back.

No apology, no emotion, nothing. Just expected me to waltz back into his arms, lmao. I’m still confused about it 6 years later.

29. ​​​​​​​pyrex_queen24 says:

'I love you but I'm not IN love with you. And I never have been. I kept hoping the feelings would come because you're such a good person but they haven't. I know what I'm like when I'm in love and what I feel for you isn't the same.'-

30. ​​​​​​​Ordinary_Elk_4721 says:

He didn't like a t-shirt I was wearing. I refused to change because that was ridiculous. We had been dating for a year and living together for 3 months. He REALLY regretted ending it over that lol.

31. ​​​​​​​Candid-Complaint2267 says:

Because I had kids. Both of them were his.

32. ​​​​​​​FierceFeyreisa says:

He broke up with me over a phone call after 4 years together because I sighed when he asked me to do chores.

33. ​​​​​​​jessickuhhhh says:

Because he wanted to start being faithful to his wife and 3 year old daughter. I had no idea he was married the entire 8 MONTHS we were together.

34. ​​​​​​​bambiealberta says:

We had the same last name and he was afraid we were related

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