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11 doordashers reveal texts from their most toxic customers.

11 doordashers reveal texts from their most toxic customers.


Here's the issue. If you're prone to bouts of aggression when hungry, you're at your worst just before your food arrives. Unfortunately, that means the hardworking people of doordash bear the brunt of your hangriest actions. Fortunately, they can get a bit of revenge by sharing your outrageous behavior on the internet for everyone to mock.

1.) No_Tap_3428 reveals a highly unsubtle scam.

2. Pale_Ad2148/ gets a little weird.

3.) Ok, this one goes the other way. From Shady.

4.) No_Tap_3428 became the fire department.

5.) On driver Successful-Income-64's very first week.

6.) GodlessGambit better have a great voice and get a great tip.

7.) Driver ivyleaguedropout04 delivered to someone sweet and salty.

8.) Driver bbdollll posted: 'You’ve got to be kidding me, please eat your wings and leave me alone.'

9.) From Pitiful_Chef5879: 'Customer threatened to murder me.'

10.) Driver DoctorVoltec said they actually left a good tip.

11.) These two actually got along well. From l_Malice__l:

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