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A woman asked Twitter to help her find the mystery guy she kissed on the Eiffel Tower. Things didn't go as planned.

A woman asked Twitter to help her find the mystery guy she kissed on the Eiffel Tower. Things didn't go as planned.


A tweeter named Juliana Corrales kissed a guy at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but was too flustered by the spontaneous encounter to plan for the future by actually getting his contact info. But there's a solution for that:

'Twitter can ya help a girl out?'

She asked the internet to identify the guy in her kiss footage.

The video's already been viewed over a million times and the story's been picked up all over the internet.

You know it's a special kiss when it ends in a handshake.

The whole thing started when Corrales learned that her and three of her best friends would be taking a trip to Paris. She immediately made a pact with herself to kiss someone on the Eiffel Tower.

She had no idea who she was going to kiss, but sometimes you just have to dream. And sometimes you just dream of convincing a stranger to kiss you on the top of an iconic landmark in Paris.

Naturally, that can be a challenge.

Unless it's not.

She found a random guy...

And he agreed.

"To my dismay he actually agreed to kiss me," wrote Corrales, who either chose the wrong word there or was having second thoughts and feeling understandably nervous.

'It was pretty cool.'

He even had a cool mom.

As the tweets went viral, Twitter did their favorite thing: tried desperately to invade the privacy of some random person on the internet.

No one is anonymous in the age of the internet, which might be bad news for society, but seems like great news if you've bargained your way into a tower-top kiss and forgot to get the guy's number.

But beware: Twitter detectives will stop at nothing to find you. (As long as all they have to do is search social media. After that, they'll probably stop.)

The search commenced.

And before long, a tweeter actually seemed to find his mom's Instagram, sharing photos of her and Gavin on Twitter to everyone's shock and awe.

Is that a happy ending or a creepy one?

Well, soon after finding him on social media, the amateur detectives started accusing Gavin of having a girlfriend — based on sketchy evidence they supposedly found on Facebook. Therefore, went the tweets, he was not in a position to accept Juliana's tower-top kiss.

Others defended him, also by invading his privacy:

And Juliana herself weighed back in to try to cool things down:

Let this be a lesson to all: if you like someone, get their number so you don't accidentally spark a social media witch hunt and ruin their life.

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