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'AITA for not helping my cheating ex-wife when her car broke down at 1 AM?'

'AITA for not helping my cheating ex-wife when her car broke down at 1 AM?'


"Am I wrong for not helping my ex wife?"

Here's the original post:

I found my wife cheating on me and we proceeded to get divorced. She moved out of my house and in with her parents. About 6 months later she gets a DUI and messes up her car. Since her bf left her months prior I figured maybe we can patch stuff up.

She told me all this stuff about how she missed me and I had a strong feeling she was lying. After a week of taking her to work and back and celebrating her bday she left the next day when her insurance approved her rental car.

A few months later the divorce has been finalized and we have our custody routine set. She calls me at 1am saying her car is broken down and she needs help. Now I have our son with me and he is sleeping and I'm enjoying my evening. I tell her no I'm not helping you. She calls back begging saying the same I wanna get back together stuff. I hang up.

Then she calls my brother for help and he starts calling me a ahold and what not. I explained the kid is with me and she can die in a ditch for all I care. I did not help her and told her unless our son is with you I will never help you, you lost that privilege when you cheated and lied. Am i in the wrong here?

Do you think he did the wrong thing by refusing to help his ex-wife? Here's what top commenters had to say:

nickis84 said:

Your child was asleep at 1am. You were supposed to wake the child up and drag out them with you or wake someone else up to watch them? No, your ex should have called her parents or her siblings but probably didn't because she didn't want the lecture coming her way. Instead, she tried to throw you under the bus because you turned her down.

tonidh69 said:

Not wrong. She's not your responsibility anymore. I'm sure she can take care of herself

Dazzling_Note6245 said:

You don’t have to be a doormat. If your brother is so bent out of shape he can help her.

InflamedLiver said:

She became someone else's problem (primarily, her own since she's a grown-ass adult) the moment she decided to cheat. The one positive of divorce is no longer having to take care of someone who treated you like trash. That said, you could certainly have been the better or kinder person by helping. It's just not a requirement, nor are you wrong for letting her reap what she has sown.

Do you agree with commenters?

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