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Woman's ex chops down tree where they first kissed, karma serves petty revenge.

Woman's ex chops down tree where they first kissed, karma serves petty revenge.


This one is kind of a sad take on 'The Giving Tree.'

One woman writes about how she was upset when er vindictive ex cut down the tree where they had their first kiss. However, karma seems like it may have caught up and she got at least a semblance of petty revenge.

Cut down 'our' tree? The property manager would like a word with you. And a check.


So I'm single again, after three years. This is relevant because my ex-bf exacted his own petty revenge by cutting down the willow tree where we first kissed.

We had ducked under the branches forming a sort of yellow-green umbrella, almost completely blocking out the rest of the world. It was an incredibly romantic moment, and I think more than anything else I'm mad at how that was ruined for me by his sh*tty move.

I forwarded his text bragging about it right to the property manager of the building we lived in. But that's not the petty revenge, or at least not all of it.

A couple of weekends later, I saw him out in the garden with a bunch of tools. He had some kind of roto tiller thingy that he used to get rid of the stump, a pick axe, shovels, etc.

I learned later that in lieu of being sued and/or arrested, the landlord made him clear off remains of the old tree, excavate the stump and plant a new willow tree in its place. I assume he had to pay them some money as well, but I have no way to confirm.

So the petty revenge: After an entire day of grinding, picking, digging, hauling dirt, etc. he got pretty mucked up. Being the idiot he was, he decided to come up and ask if he could shower off before leaving. And I said (you can quote me on this), 'f*ck no.'

And so my a**hole ex had to put his mud and sweat covered butt into his pristine Dodge Ram-something pickup that he treats like it's made out of cotton wool and needs to be kept in plastic sleeves like a rare Pokemon card.

I watched his lame attempt at putting newspaper down on the seat, only to drop a thousand F-bombs after he noticed the newsprint rubbing off. It didn't make up for the loss of a beautiful tree, or how he poisoned one of the best memories I had of our relationship. But it helped to confirm that dumping his butt was the right decision.

Here were the top comments from readers:


That sounds deeply satisfying.

Also, every person who owns a pickup truck who they are unwilling to get dirty should be forced to plant a tree and water it well until it is good and muddy and then drive their truck.


You dated someone who drove a pavement princess? That was red flag number one.


Why was I not surprised to find out he drove a Dodge Ram?


I liked your act of pretty revenge, but I also like how the property owner handled the situation. Hopefully, your ex learned something valuable from the experience.

So this one is not particularly uplifting but a lot of people might be able to relate. Have you ever had a sort of cathartic release watching a vindictive ex have to struggle?

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