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Guy asks diner if her dog wants 'floor bacon.' Woman: 'give it to your own baby.'

Guy asks diner if her dog wants 'floor bacon.' Woman: 'give it to your own baby.'


Some pet owners think of their dogs as their children, and there's nothing wrong with that. But even the most loving dog parents usually acknowledge some difference between the species. That was not the case at one restaurant in Chicago, where a Redditor offered a nearby diner a treat for her dog and got a rude snap back in return. And not from the dog.

He wrote: 'AITA for offering a dog floor bacon?'

So I went to brunch today with my partner and toddler this morning. It has been unseasonably warm in Chicago so we decided to take advantage of the good weather and sit on the patio. Dogs are allowed on the patio as long as they are on a leash, and a table by us had a cute little dog with them.

At some point my toddler dropped a piece of bacon on accident. This bacon is the primo thick bacon (3/$7) but we obv aren’t going to eat off the floor, so I turned to the table with the dog and told them my son dropped a piece of bacon and their dog can have it if they want it.

The owner looked at me like I just shit on her face, and told me it was disgusting to offer her dog a piece of floor food. She suggested my child could eat it if I didn’t think it was a big deal.

I didn’t mean it as an insult so I was kind of taken aback and thought her comment about my kid was unnecessarily rude. I would personally feed my dog a piece of bacon that fell on the ground. I also didn’t just offer it to the dog without asking, I just suggested it as a bonus treat.

The neighborhood I live in is super dog friendly and I think some of the people can get really goofy about their dogs. I think this lady was definitely the asshole and don’t think I did anything wrong.

Am I the a**hole here?

The commenters could not believe how far this woman had taken the idea of babying her dog.

From SageGreen98:

In our house if you whisper 'damn it' softly under your breath while in the kitchen, dogs appear instantly because that is the floor food alarm call. They won't hear you holler at them from the back door to come in, but an almost INAUDIBLE 'damnit' is like a nuclear warhead going off in their ears and can hear it from the other end of the house!!!

NTA she is probably one of 'those people' who feeds her dog out of a crystal goblet on top of their dinner table or some other such nonsense. Don't let one person's crazy weird idea that floor food is bad for dogs get to you. Everybody has different ideas, granted, some people's ideas are weird or extreme, but YOU MEANT NO OFFENSE.

Let her believe what she wants, hopefully you never see her again. I bet you were surprised the dog didn't have it already swallowed by the time you mentioned it. My grandneice loves to drop her food for the dogs, she will even bark at them on occasion, she's not quite two, and it's so hard to try to discipline a toddler when one is trying to suppress laughter!

Nothing wrong with MOST floor food and I have known dogs that prefer their food out of the bowl and on the floor!

From little500HondaCBR:

CUTE LITTLE DOG: Mumma! Mumma, say yes to the nice man! I want the bacon! I WANT THE BACON!!! Noooo don't be rude to the nice man....

You were NTA, OP.

My dog could never eat anything chicken-based or he would literally projectile-puke on the spot. So I had to be the big meanie who turned down vets, other dog owners, random strangers etc. bearing dog treats, even though my dog was visibly crushed every single time.

But I never got all hostile and suggested that they feed dog treats to a child instead. That would be beyond rude.

NTA OP, you meant well. Clearly this was a 'her' problem, and not a 'you' problem

From momminallday:

NTA. If she wants to treat her dog like it doesn’t consider eating it’s own poop out of the yard, that’s her deal.

From Smutternaught:

Oh god I bet she has a vegan cat, too. NTA.

From PurpleMarsAlien:

NTA. When that piece of bacon hit the floor, my dog would have been sitting pretty, staring at you, and trying to mentally telepath at you 'ME A GOOD DOG ME EAT BACON!'

Floor food is dog snacks as long as it's safe for them to eat. Which is why my dog waits for permission.

From Serious-Currency108:

NTA. That dog has probably eaten worse off the ground than a piece of floor bacon.

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