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Father draws bikini on son's Bruce Lee shirt when school sends him home; better?

Father draws bikini on son's Bruce Lee shirt when school sends him home; better?


'That one time my son was sent home because of dress code violation at school.'


When my son was in middle school, I was notified he had to be picked up because he was in violation of the school dress code. I asked what the issue was and on the phone was told “He’s wearing a shirt that shows nudity”.

I freak out and rush to the school, my mind whirring as to what he possibly could have worn…none of his clothes that I knew of had nudity on it.

As he gets in the car, I see “violation”. He wore a t-shirt with Bruce Lee on it from “Enter the Dragon”. When I got home, I called to confirm this was why they sent him home. Sure enough, a “topless” Bruce Lee’s bare chest sent someone clutching their pearls, apparently.

A quick stop to the craft store followed. Using puffy paint, I superimposed a lovely bikini top to cover Bruce’s man-nipples. He wore the shirt to school again and nobody dared say a thing, lol.

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In my high school a boy with long hair was reprimanded after returning from summer break for having hair down below his earlobes (against school dress code unless you had Native American ancestry. ) he refused to cut it so they forced him to wear it tucked under a wig during the day.

He went and bought a crazy white-haired wig. He rocked that shit all year looking like Mark Twain.


When I was in high school (US Bible Belt), students, including male, were not allowed to wear shorts. Due to a lack of funding, the school's air conditioning rarely worked, but summer temperatures when school began in mid-August would exceed 100⁰ on a regular basis.

Couple these issues along with the policies that students couldn't have water bottles or visit the restroom regularly, you have a recipe for disaster.

During the first week of my junior year, temperatures exceeded 110⁰, and due to the issues stated above, several students went to the hospital from heat exhaustion, including a couple students whose parents were very prominent members of the community.

After a few threats of lawsuits, the shorts and water bottle policies were quickly rescinded. The day before the shorts policy expired, nearly every student in school wore shorts as a big f*ck you to the administration.

What do you think was more distracting, a white wig or a little long hair ?


Sheer excellence🏆


Yeah, my kid got sent home from school to have a ' disruptive' hair color. ( it was purple, I dyed it for her, it was lovely!).

I went into the office and asked them how a hair color could be disruptive. The VP said something to the tune of it is a distraction in the ' learning environment, and the kids needed to have ' natural' hair colors.

I called BS, hairstyles/colors have no effect on a ' learning environment' let kids be kids. The VP doubled down, said my kid couldn't come back until they had a ' natural' hair color. I said fine, what do you feel is a 'natural' hair color.

Vp said : the color people are born with! Brown, blonde black, red. My daughter went back to school the next day with blood red hair and black highlights . Nothing was ever said again.


When my daughter was in kindergarten I got in trouble for sending her in a cute outfit (dress maybe) that had spaghetti straps. She was in a special needs class, so her teacher had a spare shirt for her and just changed her.

But we all cracked up about it. A 5 year old breaking dress code. She didn't even have anything for those spaghetti straps to show. But, the school system dress code was the same for kindergarten as it was for 12th grade.


If you're not your son's hero, you are my hero. I guarantee that the bikini on Bruce was much more distracting than the original.

Kind of a fun dad, right? Has anyone had their clothing or their children's clothing questioned at school? What did you do?

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