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Student reports teacher for bullying and false cheating accusations; refuses apology.

Student reports teacher for bullying and false cheating accusations; refuses apology.


My maths teacher has had a serious problem with me since the moment I entered the classroom. I've never been rude, cheeky, ect. I've always said 'please' and 'thank you' and I thank her before I leave each lesson. I would also like to think I'm a pretty smart person and that I'm not bad at maths. Yet she's always had a problem with me.

I was taking a test the other day and how I study is through songs, I will put a song on a loop and will be able to memorize the notes I've learned that way. Which sometimes means I will sing the song in my head to remember things. Never out loud though. I was doing this and my maths teacher told me to stop staring at the paper of the person next to me.

I've never cheated on a test and I've not intention to. This happened multiple times during this test, even when I was looking at my own paper. Every time I tried saying something she told me to keep focusing on my own test.

I got pretty pissed, even more so when she ignored my raised hand for 10 minutes. She helped others, and even looked at me. It wasn't a mistake. Like I said I was pissed, I told my parents and they sent in a complaint. She ignored it and failed my test. Her reasoning being I copied the girl beside me. The only times out answers were the same was when they were correct.

This time I made a complaint. She took me into her room and said that she was having a rough time, and she was just taking it out on me and told me how sorry she was. I did not forgive her, I told her students come into school everyday and are always expected to be happy, and to never have a problem.

I said girls who are on their period are also told to sit when they have to use the toilet, and overall, between the teachers not caring about our mental health, our wellbeing, and always telling us to be good, that the teachers should have to live by the same standard.

I said she can't bully a student for three years and think nothing will happen. She told me to get the f**k out of her room until I was ready to be respectful. (I had kept myself calm and composed throughout this discussion). I haven't come back yet. Most people are backing me up, but a few have said I shouldn't be so hard on her. I'm starting to doubt myself so, AITA?

I have a meeting tomorrow which will be with the principal, her, my parents and I. I will update you all then again!


First I’d like to say I’ve been reading as many comments as possible and I’m so incredibly thankful for the wonderful people who’ve answered. Everyone has been a huge help and confidence boost, even if I don’t answer you THANK YOU SO MUCH❤️. I took on board some ideas of others and it helped.

I met the principal alone at first, I had to make a statement about everything. Every little thing that I could remember. While I made my statement she made her own with the vice principal, we were then brought into the principals office together and were told to talk about it.

I had five girls from my class that were there if they were needed to back me up (they were and were a HUGE help)

We talked for about an hour, mostly her denying a lot of accusations. Sadly, the incident from a few days ago wasn’t taken into account. The only thing that was acknowledged was what I said. It was a he said she said argument.

After a while my teacher admitted that she “may have taken some anger out on occasions.' My parents ended up arguing so much with her we had to take a moment for a break.

I’m being moved out of that maths class thankfully, and I don’t know what will happen to my teacher. For now she’s been sent out until this can go on for a further investigation of some sort.

My teacher offered to make it up and move past it, but I didn’t feel comfortable with that. I’m still mad at her but I hope karma will do the job.

Thank you everyone! I’ve never felt so free after getting something off my chest 🫶

Questions, answers and comments:

isi_na says:

NTA. Absolutely 100% NTA She made you fail a test because her dislike and bias towards you goes that far! And then she demands respect from

I've worked as a teacher too (with adults but the conclusion remains the same) and I certainly didn't like all my students the same, but never once did I allow my bias to show through!

broidkmanthatsmad OP responded:

Thank you! I’m glad you’re a good teacher, we need more :)

Slight-Wing-3969 says:

NTA. You are my hero for being so brave, resolute and dignified. I wish I was a fraction of you when I was at school.

broidkmanthatsmad OP responded:

Thank you so much!! :D

Flamesoutofmyears says:

NTA And I'm proud of you for advocating for yourself.

I teach half the year, and it's one of the best, most challenging things I've ever done. I tell my kids every year that they can come to me. That I expect them to work hard, try their best, help others, and be kind.

I've also had some really rotten teachers. Condescending, rude, SCREAMING at kids over nothing, belittling them, treats them like they're stupid. I work with one right now. But I was bullied all through school, by students and teachers alike, I know how to handle a bully. And I will go through hell before my kid has that teacher.

broidkmanthatsmad says:

I’m sorry about your past teachers! I think it’s great how much of an amazing teacher you became. Just know your students will talk about you to there future kids if (they decide to), saying how much of a good person you were.

decidedlyindecisive says:

If I had a kid like you, I'd be proud as f**k. Congrats on being the most mature person in her classroom. Congrats on standing up for yourself as gracefully as possible in the situation. If it all goes wrong, remember that school doesn't last forever for you. And don't let the bastards grind you down.

broidkmanthatsmad OP responded:

Thank you, that’s so kind of you:)

LargePublic8806 says:

If it was three years, then that 'I'm having a tough time UwU' line was utter horsesh*t. If she can't be civil to children when she's having a bad day, then she shouldn't be a teacher. full stop. I have NO sympathy for this AH considering my fourth grade teacher bullied me so bad that my MOM had to come to class with me for a year to keep an eye on the abuse.

If you like to bully children, you are not allowed access to them.

broidkmanthatsmad OP responded:

Omg that’s so terrible! I’m so sorry that happened

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