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18 people share the worst things they've heard on an elevator.

18 people share the worst things they've heard on an elevator.


Elevator etiquette is an implied rule we all follow. A smile or a quick hello to strangers that get on, an offer to hit the floor number for someone who isn't close to the keypad, and don't fart are all classic rules. Some people, unfortunately, don't know these rules and do some yucky things on the elevator.

On a popular Reddit thread on the AskReddit Subreddit, people share the worst things they've heard on the elevator.

They write:

1. djobouti_phat says:

We got stuck in a packed elevator in about 100° heat. After 30 minutes and a panic attack by someone in the back I couldn’t see, I said, 'So, let's decide who we’re eating first?' Real f*ckin’ awkward for the next hour until the fire department got us out.

2. Alfred-Adler says:

This happened quite a few years ago, I was working for a company, and the offices were in a high-rise building. 5:00 PM, we get into the elevator with about 12-15 people.

Mark sees Marta and says: hello Martha, I haven't seen you in a long time. When are you due? Martha: I am not pregnant. You could cut the silence with a knife for the entire elevator ride.

3. JumpKicker says:

My mom and dad were in a crowded elevator while my mom was very obviously pregnant to the point of bursting. She looks at my dad and says, 'When are you going to tell your wife about me?'

My parents are happily married; she was just pranking him. My dad said it was the longest elevator ride of his life.

4. D_CT_TX says:

That noise your body involuntarily makes right before you’re about to puke.

5. microg-o-meter says:

Said the floor numbers out loud.

6. peachyogyrt says:

'I'm sorry, I have to do this.'

7. This user says:

Pretending to talk on a phone: 'Well, the doctor will let me know as soon as the test results are back if it's tuberculosis.'

8. Overdose08 says:

'Has anyone seen the movie Devil, where people get stuck in an elevator? And someone goes on a killing spree?'

9. DefinitelyNotADave says:

'That was good for me, how was it for all of you?'

10. Kusaregedo69 says:

Me and my friend used to tease each other. Once we were in an elevator and I asked: do you still have lice? We were left alone right after the next stop.

11. TKRedditUser2020 says:

Before we start does anyone want to get out?

12. Douglasqqq says:

Don't say anything at all, but take the whole trip standing at the door, facing in.

13. PRlMARYLOSER says:

I am a delivery driver and any time I’m in an elevator with people I say 'you hear about all the people who died in this elevator?'

14. Ih82Bthisguybut says:

Hold your phone to your ear and say, 'It was working ok with just the one old cable but now I think there's too much weight for it.'

15. Stealthtato0888 says:

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go! Gotta go! Big sigh never mind too late.

16. seantasy says:

I've always been a fan of 'This body is weak, I must find a new host.'

17. TrailerParkPrepper says:

Stood in the corner facing away from everyone, banging my head against the wall and said, 'NO, I won't do it, no no, not again.'

18. Furious_Belch says:

'I bet you are all wondering why I gathered you here today?'

Sources: Reddit
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