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'Golden child' woman 'steals' baby name after failing to seduce her sister's husband.

'Golden child' woman 'steals' baby name after failing to seduce her sister's husband.


Family drama is about as complicated as it gets. But sometimes, there's one family member who is determined to stir the pot.

When a couple finally were able to conceive after years of trying, the mother-to-be's sister couldn't handle their joy. What follows is the father's account of what happened, why it happened, and what came next. Spoiler: it's satisfying.

'Entitled sister in law stole our baby name. Now she regrets it.'

DadWhoStoodHisGround writes:

Hey y'all. To cut to the chase, my wife and I spent four years trying to get pregnant before the wrong side of 35. We are currently 33 respectively now and are blessed with a wonderful infant son.

My wife has a younger half sister that she has been LC (low contact) with for some time. The woman is entitled and toxic, and also her mother's golden child.

We've refused to let her or my MIL (mother in law) in the house since they both blatantly tried to make off with my wife's jewelry box a couple of years ago. The box contained a lot of valuable jewelry inherited from my wife's grandmother. Said jewelry is now in a safety deposit box as per my suggestion.

My wife and I had nearly given up trying to conceive when it suddenly happened. And we were ecstatic. After we found out we were having a boy, we started looking into names. I ended up suggesting the name of my Scottish grandfather, and my wife loved it.

So that's the name we settled on. But we made the mistake of posting about it on social media. Well, no surprise to the stereotype in this mess, my SIL (sister in law) was pregnant too.

Okay, but is that really SIL's fault?

And was months further along than my wife and also having a boy. She decided to claim my grandfather's name for her own son. And not just the first name, but the middle name too.

We called her, pissed over what she was doing, and she smugly told us there's nothing we can do about it. Which she was sorta right. There was nothing we could do about it legally as it's still not a crime to steal planned baby names.

We realized that drama was exactly what my SIL wanted. And she thought that by taking the name for herself, we'd not be able to use it.

I laughed and told her that while what she did was dirty and underhanded, we would keep our chosen name. And she could just deal with it whether she decides to go through with copying us or not.

Well my SIL's baby-daddy called me and said I was an unreasonable dick for still wanting to use the name after SIL claimed it. I said she claimed nothing. And since we couldn't own the name, then neither could they.

Before he ended the call he threatened me by saying I'd be sorry if we didn't change the name. Then he hung up before I could respond.

Sounds like he's a perfect match for SIL!

Months later, SIL has a healthy baby boy and names him my grandfather's name. We did not show up for the birth. Both because of the pandemic, and because we simply didn't care to be there.

SIL called us wanting congratulations. But we told her we simply didn't care. And that if she was still insisting we change our baby's name, then she'd be in for some big disappointment because we were not.

SIL demanded I put my wife on the phone. But it was already on speaker and my wife spoke up and said she agrees with me entirely. We weren't changing the name.

SIL hung up on us, but soon started sending emails with text walls of names. Even suggesting similar ones. I responded back that the name was from my grandfather, and that's why we were not changing it. She shut up and we didn't hear from her again till after our own son was born.

Two months later we were blessed with our son. He came out perfect, and we named him just as we'd intended. Well, no surprise, my SIL called us a few days after the birth to scream in our ears that we copied her son's name. I pointed out she was the real copycat since she had no familial ties to the name and we did.

And anyone who looks at our family trees could see that. Then my wife spoke and said after the attempted theft of her grandmother's jewelry, she no longer considered SIL her sister. And would have nothing to do with her nephew either.

For months we were bombarded with messages and emails from my wife's side of the family. Half were on our side after finding out the whole story, the other half were not.

And SIL's baby-daddy, true to his word, showed up at my door to 'Make me sorry'. I'm not sure what his plan was. But I pretty much towered over him. I'm 6'1 and well built from regular exercise and three trips to the gym a week.

He, on the other hand, was very skinny and about 5'6 with a babyface that was badly hidden by a slim beard. I told him my house has cameras, and to get off my property and never come back. He just yelled a few obscenities at me and drove off in his beat up old car.

SIL and MIL called us from a different number to yell at me for making SIL's baby-daddy feel emasculated. I didn't even threaten the man. Just told him to leave and not come back. And if he didn't want to feel emasculated, then he shouldn't have come knocking.

Then they tried to bring up the issue of the baby name again and demanded we change our son's name as 'He's so young. So there's still plenty of time to do it!'.

We held our ground and told them that they were bonkers to still think they were in the right. I said SIL didn't even name her son out of love, but out of spite just to try and stick it to my wife for no good reason.

Then my wife called them both out on the way she was treated growing up, how entitled SIL and MIL have always been, and how she was glad to leave them far behind. And she wants nothing from them, and they won't have anything from us. That left SIL sobbing and MIL called me a Royal Bastard before hanging up the phone.

Then we went NC (no contact) again for a little while, until SIL called us some time later to bitterly tell us we'd won. She and her Baby-Daddy got in a huge fight and he left.

He was apparently very sore that SIL didn't let him even give their son a middle name from his family. And he said he was sick of the bullshit and wanted his son named after him and not some guy he wasn't even related to.

Well, that makes sense.

SIL finally caved, and they got the boy's birth certificate reissued with a completely new name. Which cost SIL around $500, or so she claims. She then demanded we at least compensate her for the name change, plus another $100 for the emotional damage as now she's going to have to get used to calling her son by a different name.

We laughed and said this would have never happened if she hadn't stolen our baby name to begin with, and we didn't owe her anything.

Since then we've been NC with SIL and MIL. But my FIL who's a very nice man and divorced from MIL for obvious reasons would come by often and loves his grandson. From what he and other relatives told us, the situation between SIL and her Baby-Daddy was pretty tumultuous. But we don't care. Not our monkeys, not our circus.

Here's what Reddit had to say about the saga...

Smakkodakk comments:

Satisfying and righteous! Your son will have a better life without his toxic aunt/grandma - I can’t simply understand their actions.. Your son will grow up with two fantastic and loving parents, and a grandpa with lots of love to give. Wish you the best!

shadrachs doesn't agree:

Trying to imagine your wife saying that she doesn’t care about the birth of her flesh and blood nephew because of some baby name drama lol. You all sound insane.

OP rebutts:

Blood doesn't mean anything when you have parents and siblings who do nothing but use and abuse you. We're better off not knowing the kid at all after going NC.

But wait! OP reveals even more dirt about SIL...

He adds:

SIL was willing to screw over almost anyone to spite my wife. Even though she was the golden child, anything my wife had, she had to have too. Including me. She tried to seduce me multiple times. And then tried to make me the bad guy for refusing, and even claimed I was making it all up. Thankfully we've been NC with that vile woman for some time now.

ladyjedimaster13 thinks:

Maybe SIL really wanted you & thought if she used your family name, she’d get you too.

OP replies:

That's actually very possible.

Pan-Pan90 comments:

Sounds like SIL didn't name her son the name you went with because she wanted to spite her sister; she wanted revenge against you for rejecting her. I wouldn't be surprised if Baby Daddy also picked up on SIL being obsessed with you or was even compared to you to his face.

But I bet SIL began to hate the name because it reminded her of her failure after she had time to think about it. Hence why she wanted compensation; she wanted a win. Congrats to you and your wife on the baby!

Cooler_4231 responds:

I think that SIL wasn’t trying to seduce you because you were attractive


but it’s possible that it was to ruin your wife’s life like it was a personal vendetta. By refusing her she THEN wanted to hurt YOU for saying no by making you look unfaithful. These people literally want to make everyone around them miserable.

OP responds:

I'm inclined to agree. Whether or not she was attracted to me, and in some ways I do feel that she was,


I think that she just enjoyed stirring the pot. But then made it an obsession to try and ruin things between me and my wife when each attempt she tried failed.

I honestly feel that if I'd agreed to her proposition that day, she would have instantly turned it against me to ruin my marriage. That said, I never even considered her offer. Not for a second. I'd sooner be dead than unfaithful to my wife.

And that's how babies get their names!

It's extremely clear who the a-hole is, and it looks like this family has done the right thing by sticking to their guns and cutting contact with toxic relatives.

Sources: Reddit
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