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Entitled 'Karen' says neighbor 'can't go to hospital'; gets 'shocking' lesson.

Entitled 'Karen' says neighbor 'can't go to hospital'; gets 'shocking' lesson.


So, this just happened last night, and I still can't believe someone would do this. I'm a 30M and a paramedic. I've been in EMS for the past 8 years, and I absolutely love my job. Last night, we were dispatched to an 75 year old female who fell at home.

The patient stated that she tripped over her carpet and hit her head when she fell. We arrived on the scene and noticed that the home was a duplex with our patient's door on the right and her neighbor's door on the left. We made our way into the home and found her lying on the floor.

The woman was awake and breathing. We started asking her the standard questions (are you ok? Does anything hurt? Do you remember the fall? Ect...). She stated that she has a pounding headache and that she remembers walking to bed and then waking up on the floor. In my field, that's a pretty big red flag.

We notice that she's got a pretty good lump on the side of her head and a big bruise starting to form already. Noticing the bruise, I asked her if she was on any blood thinners. She said that she was on blood thinners for a previous stroke she had a few years ago.

We urged her to let us take her to the hospital because there was a possibility that the fall could have caused a bleed in her brain, and she should go to the hospital to get some scans done. She agrees, and we begin to package her up.

We applied a c-collar around her neck in case of any c-spine (neck) injuries. She denied any neck or back pain, so we lifted her up and placed her on our stair chair. A stair chair is exactly what it sounds like. It's a chair with tracks that we use to carry patients up and down stairs.

As we were getting her out of the house, her neighbor whipped the door open and started yelling about how she couldn't sleep with all the lights and noises outside. The sound of the stair chair apparently woke her up, and she was not happy about that.

My lieutenant walked over to her and apologized and said that we were dealing with a medical emergency and that we would be leaving soon enough.

The Karen neighbor then noticed that our patient was her neighbor, and that's when she started yelling about something totally different. The entitled neighbor started yelling, 'You can't take her to the hospital! I have errands to rin tomorrow, and she needs to watch my kids!'

My lieutenant again reiterated that we were here for a medical emergency and that her health is more important than her errands. The entitled neighbor let out a loud huff and then slammed the door in his face.

We thought that was the end of it.... we were wrong. After a few minutes in the back of the ambulance, we told our lieutenant that he could take the engine crew back to the station and that we were going to be heading out in a few minutes.

After we checked her vitals, got an IV going, and started giving her IV fluids, my partner got out of the back and went up to the driver's seat. About 5 seconds later, the back doors of my ambulance fly open, and who do I see? The entitled neighbor, of course. Apparently, she needed a few minutes to get dressed before coming outside.

I yell at her, 'What the hell do you think you're doing?' She yells back, 'I told you that she can't go to the hospital because she has to watch my kids tomorrow!'

She then starts trying to pull the cot out of the ambulance with our patient on it. Luckily, she didn't know how to unlatch the cot and couldn't get her out. Our patient says, 'I can't watch your kids tomorrow because I fell, and I might be having a stroke.'

The entitled neighbor yells back at her and says, 'You're fine. You dont need to go to the hospital because you're not having a stroke!' My partner then hears the commotion and goes to the back of the ambulance. He pulls her off the cot, and I slam and lock the doors. You could tell that the entitled neighbor was about to become combative.

It's important to know that either the police department or the sheriff's department responds to our calls, too, when it's at night. Because of where we were, it took a few minutes for the sheriff's department to show up on scene, but he got there just in time. I couldn't hear much through the door, but I saw the officer get out of hus cruiser with his taser drawn.

My partner runs back up to the driver's seat and starts heading to the hospital. The last thing I saw through the back windows was the entitled neighbor stomping towards the officer and then her hitting the ground after being tased (super satisfying to watch).

I was talking with my patient and asked what that was all about, and she said that the entitled neighbor will just drop her 3 young kids off at her house and leave for several hours at a time with no notice. My patient had no idea that she was supposed to watch the kids at all because, again, the entitled neighbor never even gives her a heads up about these things.

Small Update: My contact at the hospital said that the patient does not have a bleed. She does, however, have a really nasty looking bruise on her face from the blood thinners (it's incredibly common). She will most likely be going home soon. There is no update on the neighbor.

From the comments:

NeolithicOrkney asks:

Did you seriously ask the old lady if she was ok? It just seems like a very odd question to ask someone who called for an ambulance.

Ok_Interview_1739 OP writes:

It's a common question. Not everyone who calls 911 wants to go to the hospital, especially the elderly. I would estimate that about 65% of all falls we go to are just people who are uninjured and need help getting back into a wheelchair, recliner, or bed.

It's also a very subtle diagnostic question that can help rule out altered mental status based on how they reply. For example, if I ask, 'Are you ok?' and you reply with, 'I had a peach cobbler for lunch.' Then there's a good chance that the call is more serious than it appears.

Screamcheese99 writes:

Wow. The poor lady. She is hardcore getting taken advantage of. My parents are that age, and I don't even let them watch my one child without me present, because I don't want anything to happen and I don't want to wear them out. This poor lady needs to gtf away from the crazy neighbor. That's abuse.

DragonSlayerC writes:

After she broke into an ambulance, tried to assault an EMS and injured elderly women in the ambulance, and then was aggressive towards police, I don't think she'll have custody of her kids anymore.

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