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Man called 'selfish' by angry mom for buying all the Gatorade; 'I need it for my health.'

Man called 'selfish' by angry mom for buying all the Gatorade; 'I need it for my health.'


'AITA for buying all the red Gatorade at the store even though a mom wanted some for her kids?'

I'm a big fan of Gatorade, and I have a specific reason for buying it. I have low blood sugar and dehydration issues, and my doctor recommended that I drink Gatorade to help keep my electrolytes in balance. However, I'm also neurodivergent and its hard for me to change things up and try new flavors, so I only buy the red kind as it's the only one I like.

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store on their stock day, and I saw that they had a fresh shipment of Gatorade. I was so happy, because I had been running low at home. I grabbed the bottles of the red flavour and put them in my cart.

As I was walking away, a mom with two kids approached me and asked if I could spare a few bottles of the red Gatorade. She explained that it was her kids favourite flavour, and that they were out of stock at their local store. I felt bad for her, but I explained that I needed the Gatorade for my own health reasons, and that I couldn't spare any.

The mom got really upset and started to yell at me, saying that I was being selfish and that I should think about others. I tried to explain my situation again, but she wouldn't listen and kept telling me I could just take the blue Gatorade instead. I just started to ignore her after a while, and eventually, she stormed off.

Now I'm wondering if I was in the wrong. Should I have given her some of the Gatorade, even though I needed it for my own health? Or was I justified in keeping it all for myself? AITA?

Here's what people had to say:

TrelanaSakuyo asks:

INFO how many bottles did you grab and how many do you go through in a week?

averyaviary OP responded:

I grabbed maybe 14 or 15 and I drink usually 1 or 2 a day.

DanFante1972X writes:

wow, yeah never mind, you ARE an a**hole. you could've taken 10 and left like 5.

averyaviary OP responded:

I can only go to the store so many times in a week, and I drink at least one a day. I figured by getting as many as I could at that time I would save myself the transit money.

Sparky81 writes:

YTA - You don't need specifically 'Red' Gatorade for your health. There are other flavors and even other brands of 'sports drink' that do the same thing.

averyaviary OP responded:

I need sports drinks for my health yes, but my need for strict routine and consistency makes it difficult for me to drink other flavours or brands.

Sparky81 writes:

You have low blood sugar and dehydration issues. Neither of those are cured or fixed exclusively by 'Red' Gatorade. Your doctor only recommended Gatorade. There are many options. This is not about your health.

averyaviary OP responded:

I have explained this already. Also, mental health = health. My OCD triggers can make me physically sick. Thank you for your comments.

taurusdelorous writes:

YTA because you are acting like your health would be at great risk if you had two bottles less.

SpookyCoo writes:

I'll probably get a lot of hate for this, but YTA. You are indeed selfish for buying a store out of its entire stock of a product on stock day because that means they will be out of that product for anyone who comes to buy it until they restock. That lady shouldn't have yelled at you obvs, but I do understand her frustration.

Just a suggestion, but if your need is that great you really should speak to the store manager because they'd likely be happy and able to order and stock extra if it's a regular need.

TrelanaSakuyo writes:

I've actually been in this position. Murphy's manager kept two cases of a drink specifically for me, and I picked them up when I could about every two weeks.

Senior-Leg-2502 writes:

NTA. She had a right to ask, you had a right to refuse, she had no right to yell at you.

averyaviary OP responded:

Thank you for your comment.

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