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Woman gets called out for using expectant mother's parking with disabled permit.

Woman gets called out for using expectant mother's parking with disabled permit.


AITA for parking in expectant mother parking?

I was at Walmart with my mom who is disabled and has disabled parking. There was no disabled parking available. The only close parking was for expectant mothers and families, so I parked there instead of driving around.

Some guy called me out saying he would call mall security. I told him my mother is disabled and has the disabled parking as well. This guy double downed and said it didn't matter. I ended up flipping him off, showing him the parking pass. AITA?

EDIT. Some people have been asking why I don't just drop my mom off? Im a cancer survivor with mobility issues so it's also difficult to walk far but my Dr won't sign off on a pass. I only park in disability parking when with my mom. I will park in regular spots when I'm by myself.

The last time I dropped my mom off to wait for me, she fell on her knees, which buckled, and then she fell on her face which injured her nose. We had to go to Emerg. I never park in family parking unless as a lady resort. I hope this clarifies.

From the comments:

RevolutionaryFun797 says:

I call BS. At no time ever in recorded history has there been a parking lot with less than three open disabled parking spaces.

Calamity4M OP responded:

Girls Guide honour!

rivertownboxerhouse says:

I'm struggling to see this as legitimate, but I may have some regional bias. 1. I've never been to the grocery when all the handicap spots are full and 2. Why would a Walmart be using mall parking?

Calamity4M OP responded:

In the city Walmart is in, they are part of the mall. Like a grocery store is part of a mall. Also, in that end of the city, it is a dense population so lots of people go to the mall/Walmart because it's the only thing around and there is a mall entrance in the Walmart.

twdnewh asks:

Is this parking specifically assigned for expectant mothers, or is it considered a parking also for disability permit holders?

Were the disability spots occupied or were there none at all?

Calamity4M OP responded:

There were 10 disability spots... All full. The family spots are labeled (I think) as 'courtesy parking for families and expecting mothers' . There were 6 of these spots and 4 were open. I am in Canada.

midknightoil9 says:

If there are truly no laws about the pregnant mother parking, and it's nothing more than a convenience spot, then you did no wrong.

However, legally, and court of public opinion are usually different

Calamity4M OP responded:

Haha, too true!

VNR00 says:

Why can’t you drop mom off and go park? That’s what I do with my 96 year old grandmother.

Calamity4M OP responded:

I make cancer survivor and I have lingering issues from going through chemo. However I am not able to get disability parking. It's hard for me to walk from the end of the parking lot to the front. This is why I go shopping with my mom

EDIT. this comment came out super bad. I in no way use my mom for good parking. When I'm not with her, I park in a regular spot. I really don't want to get into my medical history, but my Dr does not support a parking spot pass. I only park in disability when I'm with my mom.

heyyahri says:

Wait WHAT? do you need the parking spot but can't get a disability pass, so you use your mom? I change my vote. YTA

Calamity4M OP responded:

I'm not using my mom. She needs to go shopping so I take her. If I'm not with her, I'll park in a normal spot. I'm not getting into my medical history, but that is correct, I have lingering issues but my Dr does not support a parking pass. Of course I'm going to park in a disability spot for my mom... She needs it. In no way would I use my mom just to park closer.

DragonCelica says:

I'm so sorry. I'm disabled, so I know how much parking close and conserving that extra bit of energy can really help. I'm really sorry you have chronic pain. I made a comment recently about how difficult it is to live with, and the amount of replies from people in a similar situation was heartbreaking.

Marijuana is legal where I live. I actually need to start using it, and studies support it for my medical condition, it's just so overwhelming.

Calamity4M OP responded:

Thanks so much! I appreciate your words! I feel the same... It's so over whelming. We can grow marijuana here, but I don't even know where to start with that. Yes I have plenty of support in trying to find proper pain management without 'illegal' substances. No way I want to be addicted to pills... I'm very careful in that regard.

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