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Woman asks if she was wrong to resell used coat for huge profit.

Woman asks if she was wrong to resell used coat for huge profit.


I bought a beautiful coat about 18 months ago from a FB buy/sell group. I never wore it, I’ve lost weight and it doesn’t fit and has sat in my closet untouched. I was organizing and figured I’d resell it, I did not buy it with the intention of flipping or reselling it.

I couldn’t remember what I paid so I searched messages. I paid $90 plus $25 to deliver it. I looked it up to see what the brand sells for, I’m not familiar with it and the same coat is still sold for about $2,500. It’s a boutique brand.

I listed it for $750/obo (it has never been worn) and I “borrowed “ the pic (I was being lazy tbh and didn’t think the listing would still be up 18 months later with a pic - it was marked “sold”).

It’s a very generic pic just hanging on a white closet door (you can’t see anything else other than the coat and closet door or I wouldn’t have used it but understand if that’s objectionable).

You might know where this is going... the person who sold it to me saw the post and is mad, very mad!! She accused me of buying it to flip it (it has been 18 months) and is furious I used her pic.

People have used my pics to relist things and I’ve never had an issue with it. I apologized about the pic, took my own pics and now she says she wants it back. I told her no, I bought it and she got all kinds of nasty, cursing and all so I blocked her.

She reported me to the group admins who told her I didn’t do anything wrong. I feel kind of badly, from her profile page it seems she might be struggling financially.

I thought I’d send her 1/2 the profit just to be kind but after she called me curse words I’m not feeling so generous. AITA for reselling it, for using her generic pic or for now... blocking her and not wanting to help her even though she seems like she could really use some help?

Logically I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong but I only see my perspective and I think I feel badly because a few hundred could possibly really help her.

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