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Man who raised baby sister alone hears her whisper to him, 'Thank you, Dad.' + Update

Man who raised baby sister alone hears her whisper to him, 'Thank you, Dad.' + Update


"My baby sister called me dad"


I (m31) was 20 when my sister (11 ) was born. Our mom wasn't in a good place physically or mentally and her father had substance abuse problems, so I took her in and have been raising her ever since. (She's legally mine.)

In certain ways, I have always seen her as a daughter. I feel as though the love I have for her would be the love a father has for his child. I mean I watched her grow up, and was there for every single milestone. Most would consider me to be my sister's dad.

But, my sister grew up with the knowledge I am her big brother and the reason I take care of her is our mom and her dad can't take care of her the way they should. (She got more information as she got older).

We are both sick, my sister has chronic asthma, and when sick, her asthma is worse. At like 3 am I heard her wheezing and coughing in her sleep and got her nebulizer to give her a breathing treatment. I had to wake her up to take it.

She was half asleep and when she finished I told her she could go back to sleep. She mumbled okay then as I was leaving her room she said " Thank you, Dad”. It was quiet but I heard it. I had a good happy/emotional cry and it's getting me teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Here were the top rated comments from readers after the OP's initial post:


You’re cool dude. Thank you, dad.


You may not be her biological father, but you are certainly her Dad. Own it. You've earned it.


You’re a hero, dad ❤️


Got me right in the feels.


This plus my emotional music just made me tear up (:
She loves you. You are her dad. You are her parent. You may not have created her, but you gave her a parent. A father. Maybe talk about it and see if 1. You would be okay with it and 2. See if that’s something she can call you in the future, because that’s just so sweet. Good job dad.


Good work, dude. You’ve long since earned the title. Glad the metaphorical paperwork is done and it’s official. Glad you two have each other.


A dad is made by his actions, not always biological means. You have always been her dad. ❤️


A real man. A decent , wonderful man with integrity. I’m so happy that there are men like you out there. Thank you for making this post. It made me happy.

One week later, the OP returned with an update.

"Update my baby sister called me dad"


For those who didn't see my original post, I have been raising my sister (11) since she was a baby. Well, she's always called me by first name and has known I'm her brother. Well about a week ago while half asleep she called me dad.

After that, she went back to calling me by my first name so I decided to take up advice from some comments. I told her that when half asleep she called me Dad she looked panicky and apologized. I told her she had no reason to apologize and I actually wanted to talk to her about it.

I let her she should know that, if she wanted to she could call me Dad. But she never had to feel forced to call me Dad, like I said only if she wanted to. She started to cry, and she let me know there had been so many times she wanted to call me Dad and almost had but stopped herself because I was her brother.

I told her we both knew I'd never be just her brother. Plus a dad isn't always someone who is biologically your father but the person who raised you. After that, we both cried, but the past few days I've been Dad! It's honestly been amazing to hear. Like I said in my original post, I have always felt like a dad to her instead of a brother.

Here were the top rated comments from readers after the OP's update:


your relationship with your little sister is awesome, this is great to see such a dynamic and to see that this lucky little girl will grow up with a reassuring and loving figure… there is no harm for her to see you as a parental figure.

this is proof of her love + respect for you, as a figure of high reference… both of you can make sure to have a lovely nickname for the both of you, if you feel like your first name isn’t enough but the dad title is too much… wish the best for both of you (:


You are an amazing human being!!! I wish you and your sister all the good health, wealth and positivity in your lives.


You’re a great dad dude. This internet stranger is rooting for you and your daughter.


The best post followed by the best update! I love this so much for you both.


Now I am sitting at work crying. This is so wonderful. You are an amazing parent to give her the confidence and love she needs. Good luck with the teenage years.


😭😭😭This is hands-down the best and sweetest update to a post! I admire you for stepping up and raising your DAUGHTER! Sending hugs!


I have a warm fuzzy now. Think I’ll leave on this high note instead of having to nope out on something completely unwholesome. I’m really happy for both of you. Next Father’s Day sounds like it will be extra meaningful for each of you. I hope there’s another update then. <3

So, it is nice to get a heartwarming story on here every now and then. Does anyone have a loving, unconventional family dynamic like this they would like to share to keep the good feelings going?

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