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Wife bans in-laws from delivery room unless husband goes to dad's colonoscopy.

Wife bans in-laws from delivery room unless husband goes to dad's colonoscopy.


"AITA for telling my husband that he has to let my dad witness his colonoscopy?"


My mother-in-law wants to be in the room when I give birth. She is an unpleasant and pushy woman and none of her own daughters have allowed her near them when they gave birth. My sisters-in-law are all at least twelve years older than my husband and are all done having kids. I am the last chance for my mother-in-law to see the birth of a grandchild.

I have zero interest in letting that judgemental old woman see me down there. She has objected to me from the beginning because I have tattoos and am not in any way interested in being a stay at home wife. I have a lot of tattoos and a career I plan on continuing. And I have tattoos down there that are none of her business.

My husband is her baby boy. He is a good husband and has stood up for me against her many times. When she tried to interfere with our wedding he put his foot down.

When she tried to convince him that we should move to his hometown where he could work from but I would not be able to find an employer in my line of work, he said no because my career is important to me and. While we can live off of his earnings and the cost of living is lower in his home town, our combined earnings are much better all together.

She has started crying to him that all she wants is to see a grandchild being born. All her friends have experienced it and she wants it. He is starting to crumble under her emotional blackmail.

So I made it clear that the only way I would agree was if, before the birth, my husband made arrangements for my father to witness him getting a colonoscopy. He would need a ride anyway so, two birds one stone, you know.

He said I'm being ridiculous but I said none of my brothers would let my dad see them getting a camera shoved up their rear and he felt left out. He finally understood my point but his mother is upset that I used such a stupid comparison.

She says that it isn't the same thing at all. I offered to change it to me watching her get a Brazilian wax and she hasn't called in a week. I know seeing a baby being born might be her dream but I am not interested. AITA?

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Hahahaha you pulled that off perfectly. NTA. F her.


NTA. Your comparison was perfect and and your feelings are reasonable. And frankly your husband doesn’t really get a say. This is your medical procedure and you can simply tell your medical team she is not welcome.


I don’t know when or how watching a baby being born became a spectator sport.


NTA - Your boundaries are important and it is unfair for your mother-in-law to pressure you into something so personal against your wishes.


Giving birth is not a spectator sport. No means no.


My sister in law was worried about people coming to the hospital so she just straight up didn’t tell anyone when she was going into labor. We got a text a couple days after the birth that had a picture of the baby. There are some situations where you just gotta not put up with all the BS.


I saw your post on Aita before it was pulled, and the general consensus was NTA. And for good reason - because you’re not! You need to get in contact with your birthing centre/hospital and put some things in place.

You need to let them know who you want in the room with you, and who you DON’T, and that your husband does NOT have veto over you when it comes to this. Also let them know that if he starts to cause a scene because you won’t let his mummy dearest in, then you want him gone too.


NTA. You know when people used to say "you must be fun at parties" as an insult. Well, you must be actual fun at parties. I wanna hang out with you. Definitely NTA.


NTA. Ugh, FINALLY, someone used this narrative! Why is it okay for her to be all up in your pu$$y and privacy moments, but there's an issue when you ask to be all up in hers?! Giving birth is a medical procedure, not a spectator sport for everyone to watch!

Don't let your guard down. She's definitely thinking of her next moves to get her son to finally agree, recruit someone else to pressure you, etc. She'll probably wait until it's closer to your due date to pressure you since you'll be under stress from the incoming birth or pull of some type of stunt.

So, do you think the OP was being rude or do you think she has a point?

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