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Woman tricks 'deadbeat' brother and ailing mom at airport; sneaks away on plane to Miami.

Woman tricks 'deadbeat' brother and ailing mom at airport; sneaks away on plane to Miami.


"Ditching a family vacation in favor of going away with my husband?"


Every year, my family likes to plan a big vacation together. It is usually my mother, my sister, my brother and his wife, my daughter, her husband, and my grand baby and finally me and my husband. We also have open invitations to other various relatives.

This year, they wanted to do an All Inclusive resort in Aruba. It was settled and tickets were purchased. While I don't mind going on vacation with family, I have some qualms with the various parties who are attending.

Let's start with my mother who is up in age, but hasn't really taken the best care of her body. So, she has weight problems that have affected her ability to walk. It has also led to sleep apnea.

This means that she can't walk very far without taking tons of breaks and will fall asleep anywhere. Which isn't a problem except every time we plan an activity that requires some level of physical fitness she discourages us from doing it and she can't take us having fun without her.

So, we end up scraping our plans and doing whatever activity she feels she can do. Then there is my brother who wants to go and can't afford his own way. This leads him to scrounge off my mother to find a way to go.

Usually, it plays itself out as: He says he is going. His ticket gets bought and everything else paid for and then my mother will have some sort of emergency where we need to help her out.

We basically end up giving her close to if not more than what it costs for my deadbeat brother to go. And then we spend the rest of the vacation paying for him and mom through meals, tickets to attractions, and anything else that tickles their fancy.

Now that you have some background let's get to the AH part. As we get closer to the trip I get rumblings of my mother needing the cash for house repairs, then my brother has to quit his job to go on the trip because "the man" won't let him off, and my daughter and her husband book the honeymoon suite.

As all this is going down and we confirm flights, accommodations, and excursions I just nod my head and agree. The day of the trip, we all head to the airport and get through security. As everyone turns left to go to their gate, me and my husband turn the opposite way.

They start quizzing us where we are going and we are getting something to eat can we bring them some. So, I just turn to them and say "we have decided to go on a cruise out of Miami, see you guys in a couple weeks."

My daughter is irate and says "who is going to watch the baby while we enjoy our 2nd honeymoon." My mother is like who is going to pay for this for her and pay for that. My brother just looks dumbfounded like he just lost his pet. And they all start to tell me how I am ruining there vacation and I am an AH and stuff.

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This is perfect! And their reactions just confirmed how each of them planned to take advantage of you.


Well played.


I love this. This could have been my in-laws, my husband’s brother waited until two nights before we left for our destination wedding to leave us a drunk message saying how their mom is a B because she wouldn’t let him stay in the villa that she rented with her husband and two of her other adult kids (my husband’s brother and sister.)

This guy always assumes that everyone will pay his way and hadn’t bothered to find a place to stay. So the day before we leave my husband spent the better part of the day on the phone with villa rental agencies and put $2000 on my AMEX so he could come and BIL promised to pay me back. I’m still waiting, 23 years later, to be repaid.


Chef's Kiss! Well, your daughter and her husband can pay for your mother and brother's extra expenses and they can pay her back by baby sitting so they can enjoy their 2nd honeymoon. Problems solved! Well played OP, BRAVO 👏👏👏 BRAVO!


This is how you handle moochers.


I was trying to decide between NTA for refusing to put up with their crap to YTA for the way in which you pulled this maneuver off....then I noticed which sub this was. Excellent misdirect here. You were the free babysitters and financial backers for everyone else and now they're left dealing with their own horrible selves.

Daughter - "Who is going to watch the baby?" Well, since it's your child, I'm going to go with you.

Mother - "Who's going to pay for me and ?" Well, since it's you and your child, I'm going to go with you.

To everyone - You all get to deal with/pay for your own actions on this trip. Have fun!!


The funniest part of this is that you didn't even have to do anything to them to exact your revenge. You just let them be (checks notes) exactly who they are, and they end up taking revenge on themselves. Very well played.


You took a vacation from the vacationers.

So, do you think the OP was wrong for wanting to "ditch" her family in favor of time with her husband?

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