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Sibling Strife: Sisters spar over dad's land legacy; 'you don't deserve it.' AITA?

Sibling Strife: Sisters spar over dad's land legacy; 'you don't deserve it.' AITA?


"AITAH for not giving to my two sisters my 1/3rd of the land inheritance I received from my Dad’s Trust after his recent death?"


My Dad owned 170 acres, where he and my Mom built my childhood home. 25 years ago, they moved my young children and I home to live with them while I was divorcing from an abusive marriage, gave us 60 acres of land, and built a house beside them.

Five years later, I asked my Dad to set a price and allow me to pay him back.
I did, at a price Dad set below the land and house value, but at a price I could afford as a single mother.

I purchased the land legally. I have the deed to the land in my name only. I have lived beside my parents for 24 years now. I have 2 sisters that live hours away. Both of my parents have recently died. Dad’s Trust states that every asset be divided equally between his three daughters. As for the land, we will each receive 1/3rd of Dad’s 110 acres.

Hours after Dad’s funeral, my two sisters confronted me stating that his Trust was unfair to them. They stated that I already have 60 acres and if I get 1/3rd of Dad’s 110 acres (+/- 35 acres.)

I will have a total of 95 acres and they will each only have +- 35 acres. They believe that if I gave them my 1/3rd share, I would have my 60 acres and they would each get 55 acres, it would be fair.

Through the years, Dad had two opportunities to change his Will/Trust “after” I purchased the land and house, and he did not. Additionally, my sisters never discussed their feelings with Dad.

Two days later, one of my sisters did apologize twice, in texts, for her behavior. The other sister hasn’t apologized, spoken, called or texted. I have made the decision NOT to give them my share of the inheritance. I won’t even consider it.

My decision to keep my share of the land I inherited has cost me a relationship with my sisters. Yet, I’ve done nothing wrong. I didn’t initiate this. I’ve been told I’m wrong. I’m being treated as if this is my fault. I’m being treated as if I’m the AH. Why do I feel like I am the AH?

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NTA. Your sisters are entitled brats! You bought and paid for your share fair and square. They had their chance to talk to Dad about it, but they didn't. Now they want to guilt-trip you into giving up what's rightfully yours? Don't let them bully you. Keep your inheritance and tell them to shove it.


You bought your current home. End of story. Your dad's will deals with splitting up what he owned at the time of death, which was the 110 acres only. Your sisters are just trying it on.


You bought and paid for the land you live on. It's yours. Not part of the inheritance. If your dad wanted to divide his land for just your sisters. He would have written a will that reflected that. Good riddance. You will be better off without your sisters.


the part you paid, means it's yours and not part of his inheritance, therefore it's not even a debatable asset.


NTA- your sisters are greedy vultures. The one sister might've apologized- but keep your eyes on her. Some wills have a kill switch- if someone is trying to not honor the deceased's wishes, then that person will inherit nothing. That could apply to you as well if you did try to offer your sisters more then the will outlined- you could lose your portion.


The 60 acres your father sold you is yours and yours alone. Just because he gave you a good price doesn’t matter at all. If he had showed the same kindness to a stranger your sisters would have no right to that land or house.

What is really pissing me off is they came to you hours after the funeral. That in itself is huge AH behavior. Your father could have changed his will but he did not so by not giving them more you are honoring his wishes. You are not wrong and should not feel like an AH.


Are they aware you paid for your land and house? If so, they’re just a holes. I would give it some time and talk to them about it in a month or two. Grief can make people act out of character. You or your dad should have talked to them both prior to his passing about this issue.


I am sure it was worth every penny/cent, to the parents, to have a child and grandchildren living close by. It was very honourable of you, to want to pay for it. Dad set a price, he was happy with. How often did they sisters visit/phone/text? They lived hours away, I expect you did a lot for you parents, in their twilight years. Sisters should be grateful to get anything.


Tell them you will sell it to them after all you paid for yours.

So, do you think the OP is in the right here?

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