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Woman outraged, MIL keeps flaunting her future engagement ring in front on her.

Woman outraged, MIL keeps flaunting her future engagement ring in front on her.


"Future MIL wears my future engagement ring (thinking I haven’t seen it)"


Sooooo ok. I am a very genuine, kind person. I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 4 years now. His mom has a bunch of jewelry and has a diamond dealer friend which she referred to my boyfriend to find me an engagement ring. She went with him to design the ring.

Once it was ready, my boyfriend couldn’t help but show me. IT IS FAR BEYOND ANYTHING I COULD HAVE EVER EXPECTED. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I tried it on and was in absolute love with it… However, we agreed that he would take it to his mom’s so that she can keep it in her safe until he decides to propose and she thinks that I haven’t seen it yet...

A little over a month goes by, we are going to dinner at my boyfriend’s mom’s house to celebrate his birthday… this is like 2 days after his birthday…. And the minute I walk in, she’s holding a martini glass and I couldn’t help but notice the twinkle that caught my eye. I took a second glance and holy f'ng sheet she was wearing my engagement ring.

She hasn’t really given me any issue other than one time in the early stages, and I respect her and her relationship with her son. I’ve expressed to her personally multiple times how much I love her son, and how happy I am to share a life with him and that I am devoted to him and etc….

Well anyways, I don’t know how to feel now. I’m kinda angry. Like on his actual birthday we went to visit her and she WAS NOT WEARING THE RING.

I KNOW ITS NOT MINE YET BUT JUST THE ACT OF HER PUTTING IT ON AND WEARING IT IN FRONT OF ME RUBS ME WRONG AND I CANNOT STAND THAT! No self awareness I guess or maybe I’m just overreacting. Anyway, let me know how to feel better or how I should feel… Thanks lol!!!

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I hope you pointed it out to your boyfriend. His reaction will tell you everything you need to know about this relationship. However, even if his reaction is the correct one (horror and anger), expect her to ramp it up in the future. She will always need to be "on top".


I’m confused. If you have seen it and know he’s planning to propose, why is it at his mom’s house? I feel like people usually keep it at someone else’s house when it’s going to be a complete, total surprise.


Jesus Christ. Have fun listening to her tell the story of ‘that one time she wore your engagement ring right in front of you and you didn’t EvEN kNoWWWW’ to literally everyone every chance she gets for the rest of your lives 🤢🤮☠️


It’s bad luck to have anyone else wear your ring. I’d ask for a new one.


Yes, shes 100% making it about her every chance she gets. The minute you get engaged she will tell everyone how she was so slick wearing it first.

The OP responded here:


I’m literally gagging reading this.


I am sorry but I would be rethinking my relationship with fiancee. The fact his first reaction was to defend her ( putting her good energy on it) would do it for me. It is not a good omen.


Heads up! She helped design it, which would be a big NO in my book it's nothing to do with her. Where I was going with that, is she now considers it hers, because she helped design it. I am curious what did your BF say?

If he ignored it, if he gaslighted you, if he told you it wasn't a big deal, you have more problems than a toxic future mother-in-law. If you didn't tell him, then be prepared to be a doormat for the rest of your married life.

The OP again responded:


I refuse to be a doormat. I’m waiting to see what he does tomorrow….


She took a Brand new ring meant for someone else's proposal AND WORE IT IN FRONT OF THE PERSON WHOSE PROPOSAL IT'S MEANT FOR! No Mal intentions?! Good Energy?! FOH with that bs.

She Knew if was for you! Doesn't matter she thinks you haven't seen it, what happens when you do after the proposal? Is she going to say it's an heirloom or something or hope you don't recognize it?

Hoping to get it back tomorrow? I can understand being respectful but sweet to the point of doormat puts everybody but you first. 100% it would be going back to the store. The only way I'd wear it is if someine slipped it on me while i was unconcious.

You need to have a serious come to Jesus meeting with your bf because if you don't do it now, like the old TV show by the same name, This is your life. She took something special and crapped all over it, let's call it what it is. If she went with him and designed this ring I guarantee she did it with herself in mind.

So, do you think the OP's anger is justified? Why do you think her future mother-in-law is wearing her ring? Do you really think it's bad luck?

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