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Nephew reads his Amazon wishlist during his eulogy for his uncle.

Nephew reads his Amazon wishlist during his eulogy for his uncle.


"AITA for getting very nervous and mentioning my Amazon wish list during a eulogy for my uncle?"


So basically two things going on here.

One is I’ve never really recovered from the lock downs and aside from filming video game review content (for a very small amount of money—like $20 a month if I’m lucky) I haven’t been able to get back on my feet since April of 2020.

I’m living with my mom and what it has made me realize is that people have zero empathy when you are down on your luck. My mom says she is kicking me out when New Years hits. One of my subscribers said I should start an Amazon wish list so I could start putting money towards essentials when I’m forced out.

It’s things like bedding, a Dutch oven, toiletries and a very small amount of “fun” things as well. No one as bought anything yet but I’m hopeful people will finally care about me enough to help.

The second thing is my uncle just passed away at the age of 53. He was always very close to me and by sister and cousins because he was like literally a “cool cowboy” type who stayed single until he was 49.

He married a girl in her 30s and they now have two kids aged 3 and 2. I hadn’t been that close to him recently because he would always just want to lecture me and have zero empathy for what I’m going through.

Anyway, the people who are in my generation were asked to say something at his funeral since we were his “unofficial” kids. I suck at speaking in public so like I planned speech, and I planned one.

But, when it came time to give the speech, I just blanked and got so nervous and said “I’ve come on really hard times, so I have an Amazon wish list (and said the web address) and if you could help me out I’d really appreciate it.”

I can quote this because my cousin's wife filmed all of us. I was the last to go, so it was a horrible silence and i just wanted to leave but my uncle's wife and my mom basically blocked me from leaving. They screamed at me, telling me how awful I am and my mom even accused me of planning it.

I told her I didn’t understand why wouldn’t my family help me out? My uncle's wife said “you selfish little sh!!t his kids don’t have a dad! You made this about you!” My mom said she agreed and couldn’t stand to look at me anymore.

She then asked what she did so wrong to make me such a fV(k up. I didn’t even go to the wake, I was so mad they would talk to me like that. I can’t stop playing this in my head. AITA?

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YTA. This is disgusting.


YTA and this is so awful that I have a hard time believing it’s real. Why would anybody “care about you enough to help” when you clearly don’t care about anyone else?


Wow. Yes, YTA! I couldn't deliver a public speech to save my life thanks to stage fright, but I know enough to write the speech if you're not good at improvising. This was your uncle's funeral, and you had the audacity to ask the guests for money? You absolutely made his funeral about you.


Crikey, yes, you are the a-hole in this situation. You are incredibly self absorbed. I have to ask - are you mentally impaired in some way? The fact that you can't tell that this behaviour at a funeral was so wildly over the line makes me ask the question.

I suspect you would not have been welcome at the wake had you chosen to go. Either way, YTA. If you are capable of asking this question and filming video game review content, then you are capable of getting off your arse and getting a job.


YTA for even needing to ask if YTA. Get a job. That’ll support you.


Geez. YTA! I can understand how hard it is to speak at a funeral. I spoke at my mom’s funeral and my sister literally had to help hold me up. But asking people to buy you stuff? Yikes.


YTA. There is zero chance you could not have thought to say "I will miss him" and leave the podium.


lol wtf Yes, YTA. The eulogy is a time to reflect on the person who just died, who everyone in that room is there for, not to hear about your Amazon wish list. This is so bizarre.

So, is there an excuse for this behavior? Is there any chance this was a grief response?

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