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Woman brings puppy to 13yo SIL's bday party, MIL says the puppy is a present. AITA?

Woman brings puppy to 13yo SIL's bday party, MIL says the puppy is a present. AITA?


"AITA for not giving my Husband’s sister MY puppy"


I (25 f) and my husband (27 m) went to his sister’s 13th birthday party this weekend. She decided she wanted to have her birthday party at a local river (we live in the Midwest). My husband and I just got a puppy a few days ago and thought it would be fun to bring her to see if she liked the water and to let everyone see her for the first time etc…

When we got there, everyone was super excited to see that we brought a puppy. Everyone was petting her and playing with her. My MIL asked me if the puppy was for my SIL. I said no, that this was our new puppy. (She knew that we had just gotten a new puppy.) She held the puppy for a bit and gave her back and all seemed fine.

My SIL started opening her gifts when she finally noticed the puppy in my arms and asked me if my MIL had finally let her get a puppy for her 13th birthday. Before I could even say anything my MIL said “yes.”

My SIL bursted into tears about “finally” having a puppy and then came over to me and tried to take the puppy. I was in shock at what just happened and kinda just let her take the puppy out of my hands. Eventually I went over to my MIL and asked her wtf she was thinking.

She told me that my SIL had been asking for a puppy for years, and she said, “You don’t mind do you?” I was taken aback, I couldn’t believe my MIL just gave away my puppy without even asking me.

I took my SIL over to the side and told her that the puppy was mine and I wanted her back. She started throwing a fit and literally screaming. I just took the puppy back and my husband and I left.

When we got back home I was bombarded With texts and phone calls from everyone at the party asking me why I took the puppy away from my SIL. My SIL and my MIL are very angry with me, and I just need to know AITA?

For reference: Her birthday party was at the river, many people had brought their dogs to the party. I also did not know she had been asking my MIL for a puppy, (they have two dogs.)

Also, my husband is 100% on my side. We both didn’t want to make a scene about it. He has called his mom and texted his family since the incident. We aren’t communicating to anyone about it right now because it has been overwhelming.

He had told his mom about us getting a new puppy multiple times, even invited the family over to our house for dinner so they could also meet the puppy but they had a football game to go to. (This was 2 days before her party.)

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Obviously NTA. TA is your MIL. She created the situation, she should be cleaning it up. Want to make amends w/your SIL? Tell her you'll give her A puppy, but NOT yours. And further, explain to her that the puppy you have was never meant to be a gift for her, that her OWN MOTHER created all of that drama. Sheesh, what a poor excuse for a mom & MIL.


NTA. Who just tells someone else they can have someone’s pet. That’s weird and the kid is 13 and old enough to know she can’t have everything. Your MIL sucks and I wouldn’t feel bad at all. It’s your dog.


NTA . MIL is the instigator of this whole scenario. She had no right to presume she could take your puppy and give it away to SIL, especially when MIL knew full well it was yours. I would make the situation clear to anybody who dares to ask you what happened.


NTA. Your MIL literally stole your dog out of your hands. You retrieved it and left. I'd explain that to everyone who texts. And no, it's not your responsibility to play along with your MIL's lies. She can get a different puppy for her child.


NTA/ESH. You should have said, "no, this is our new puppy." You should have never handed over your puppy which is why you get an A. That automatically made it look like it was for her. MIL is for so many reasons. Where is your husband in all this?

The OP responded here:


I definitely should have told her it was my puppy, and I am definitely wrong for that. I was just so shocked that my MIL offered up my dog. I brought her to the party because I knew other people were going to bring their dogs and I though my SIL would like to play with my new puppy because what little girl doesn’t love puppy’s.

My SIL and I are actually pretty close for our age gap, she’s like a little sister to me. She stays over frequently. My SIL has two dogs at her house, what I didn’t know was that she had been begging my MIL for a puppy.


My puppy wasn’t the only puppy there, just the only puppy that no one has seen before because we just got her a few days ago.

So, what was this MIL thinking? Can this situation be resolved?

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