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'AITA for taking my daughter to Disneyland despite my parents' traumatic experience?' UPDATED

'AITA for taking my daughter to Disneyland despite my parents' traumatic experience?' UPDATED


"AITA for taking my daughter to Disneyland?"

Here's the original post:

I kinda already think I’m not, but my family is convincing me I am. I (28F) when on a vacation with my daughter (5F) and my husband (29M) as a last vacation before we’re a family of 4. I’m 7 months pregnant and we wanted to spend time with our daughter before her brother was born. when I was around 13, me my mom my dad and my little brother when on a Disneyland vacation.

it was fun and all until my dad left his phone in the hotel and they wouldn’t give us it back. he had to get a new one and my mom and dad were so upset that we never went back. I thought this was irrational since it was my moms favorite place. we went ATLEAST once a year growing up. after that whole ordeal my mom hated it.

so when me and my husband wanted to go on a before baby arrives vacation, we decide to go to Disneyland for around 3 days. my daughter loves the princesses and the idea of magic so when we told her she was over-joyed. I told my mom when we were at lunch together that we were going in a trip, when I told her it was Disneyland she was enraged.

I was extremely confused because I thought she forgot about it honestly. she called me a backstabber and just really rude words. she stormed out of the restaurant and I payed and left a few minutes later. a few hours later my dad called me and screamed at me that,

“this family doesn’t go to Disney, if u weren’t such a spoiled little (b word) u would understand that” i was shocked. it was MY money I was spending and I thought everyone was over it, my mom texted me a long paragraph about how she would go no contact and wouldn’t be my mother anymore if I still went.

the trip was fully payed for so I responded “okay I guess u only have a son now.” And blocked her. I’ve gotten atleast 60 calls from family and a few texts telling me I’m wrong. we still went and got back yesterday. we all had a blast and my daughter rode her first big girl coaster. she loved every minute of it so in my opinion it was all worth it. So, AITA??

Commenters weighed in on this deeply confusing situation:

Complete-Turnip-9150 said:

NTA. You're well within your rights to take your daughter on holiday to a location you choose with your money. I feel like something else happened at Disney that you're not aware of to make your parents hate it so much. It seems totally irrational for her to act the way she is. Especially jumping to no contact over this.

[deleted] said:

NTA, deffo sounds like there’s something more going on other than losing a phone

Mtorolite said:

NTA. WTF. Your dad lost his phone 15 years ago at Disney and now your folks think their going to have a generational feud with the House of Mouse? This is bonkers. Have a good time at Disney.

Batmans-dragon80 said:

Nta. Sweetie I think your dad's lost phone is a cover to a story you don't know about. Your parents can boycott Disney but the irrational response from your folks tells me this isn't about Disney but something much darker.

DuchessNTT said:

NTA. Your mum and dad need to get over their bad experience (and it genuinely does sound bad!) of 15 years ago. Sure, they can choose to boycott Disney for life, if that makes them feel better, but they've got no right to impose their feelings onto you like this, especially to the extent that they're being abusive to you about it.

For what it's worth, I think you did the right thing by ignoring their childish behaviour and going. I suspect they'll get over it in time, but there's no way you should ever apologise, because you've done nothing wrong.

And TheDreadPirateJeff said:

NTA - that's such a weird thing to hold a lifelong grudge over. Something tells me there's more to this story than you may know. Either that or you have two VERY irrational parents. Either way, it's not your concern. Your concern is having a fantastic time with your husband and daughter.

Verdict: NTA.

Commenters suspected SOMETHING is going on with her parents. And they were right.

Two days after her original post, she shared this update:

we’ll here it is fella’s, ur update. around 1PM yesterday we went to lunch, my husband didn’t come because he had a important meeting at his work. I wasn’t that scared anyway because we were going to a pretty popular restaurant it wasn’t like I would be alone with them. we got there and sat down, I started talking to my mom and dad and started asking my questions.

it was mostly just “why would u get so mad?” And “it’s my money and I wanted to make my daughter have a fun vacation with her parents before she has a brother?” And I was met with them gaslighting me and thinking because they don’t love Disney I can’t go. I was in the verge of tears, and leaving. so I asked my final question that I really wanted a answer on.

“This can’t be over a phone, there has to be something going on to make u blow up like this.” they then told me what really happened. so my dad did actually leave his phone. when house keeping went to clean the room for the next family to arrive, the woman who was cleaning took the phone and took it to lost and found.

she saw my moms contact on my dads little smart phone and called her and we went to pick it back up, but the woman also saw another contact that said “baby”. my dad was cheating for a good year to a year and a half, she told my mom and my mom blamed that woman for “ruining her marriage” by telling her. that’s why they hated Disney, cause it ruined they’re marriage.

I walked out after that, I didn’t pay either. i don’t think I’m gonna talk to them after this, only if my daughter and son want to. they betrayed my trust and never apologized either for what they called me a few days ago. I don’t know why we never got the phone back, probably will never know. but here is the official ending of this crazy @$$ story.

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