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'I wanted to be petty during my step-sister's wedding but karma got her instead.' UPDATED 2X

'I wanted to be petty during my step-sister's wedding but karma got her instead.' UPDATED 2X


"I wanted to be petty during my step-sister's wedding but karma got her and my family bad"

I am using a temporary account. When I (29F) was little like 7 years old, my dad cheated on my mother with my step-mom, Karen. After her divorce, my mom moved away and got married again. I was always under the impression that my mother abandoned me and that's what my dad told me too. Karen had a daughter at that time who was 5, Mia. Mia and I were kinda close growing up.

But when we both hit puberty and our personality was different. Mia was the typical girly girl. She developed beautifully. She was basically like Cassie from Euphoria. She would get all the attention. Even my relatives preferred her more than me. I was basically a nerd. I was interested in sports but I was told that I do not look bad and I am very attractive and pretty in my own way. But I was overshadowed by Mia.

My dad was someone who is an opportunist. Whenever he would see an opportunity for him to shine, he would take it. Even if it meant sidelining his own daughter. He saw that Mia got more attention than me so he invested everything on her. I was kinda jealous ngl. But I wasn't really that bothered because I believed if I did something good I would be appreciated.

So, I studied hard and got into a prestigious university. That was the only time my father threw a party for me because I was the first in the family to do it. But Mia was jealous of it. So, anyways, during my last year of high school I started dating Tim (30M). He proposed to me when we were sophomore in college. But we decided to wait till our graduation.

So one day during our semester break, I went to his home and I saw him hooking up with Mia. I was shocked to say the least. I was crying and screaming at him. I could never forget the smirk on Mia's face. That's when I knew Mia was a b!tch. So, my dad and step mom knew about it and guess what. My dad told me to "forgive them". His logic "Tim fell out of love with me so he fell in love with your sister.

You should give them your blessing instead of being petty." I shouted back that "Of course you will say that because you cheated on mom." My dad and me had a screaming match. He told me he would disown me if I do not accept them and come to their wedding. I remember that I stormed off and I cried for like days. That's the moment I realized I was alone. My dad didn't care if I was dead or alive.

But thank god I had friends who I could count on. I started therapy after a friend of mine pushed me to it. It did help a bit but in my mind I wanted some revenge. I wanted to be petty and make her regret. I started thinking what I could do. My initial plan was to wear white on her wedding day. But then I ran into Mia's ex, Jay. Jay and Mia have been one of those couples who were on again off again.

Mia exploited Jay a lot. The last time they broke up was when Jay caught Mia flirting with one of his friends. But there was a lot of history. So, when Jay learned about Mia and Tim he was a little angry. He kept saying he wishes he could just take revenge on all the times Mia has done him wrong. So, I had another plan. I asked him to be my plus one at her wedding. I know Mia still has feelings for Jay.

It would piss her off. But we agreed that after that we would part ways. So when the wedding came, I was not in the wedding party. My dad was cordial with me because I wasn't creating trouble. So I went to her wedding with Jay and I was wearing a bright red dress because I read that red means you slept with the groom. It was also over the top. I might have made some heads turn.

When Mia saw me with Jay her face turned pale. I was purposely being very touchy with Jay like whispering in his ears, touching his shoulder, dancing with him very closely. I swear Mia was just as red as my dress. I was also asked to give a speech. I kept it short "Thank god I do not have more sisters otherwise Tim would have swapped Mia with one of them.

You know he has a fetish of sleeping with his fiance's sisters behind her back." Me and Jay were asked to leave. The next day I was bombarded with messages and phone calls. I didn't pick any of them. As for Jay he stuck to our deal and I never saw him again. After the wedding incident, I decided I should find my mom because something in me was telling me that she didn't abandon me.

It wasn't hard to find her. I found her on facebook and we started chatting. She is married and has 2 boys, my half brothers. I got the real story from her. She didn't abandon me. My father won the custody case. He used my mom's past substance abuse to take away her visitation rights too. We reconciled and for the first time in my life I felt welcomed.

I also met my step father and my 2 brothers. They are amazing people. Since then, I would regularly meet them. Two years after the wedding incident, I met a guy, Andy. We met during an alumni program in our college. He also went to our college but he was 5 years my senior. We had a lot in common. He was kind, sweet and very mature. He knows about my past and has been really supportive.

He was better than Tim in every other way. He was charming and had a really higher position in his job. After 2 years my sister contacted me out of the blue and told me she was pregnant and she now wants to bury the hatchets. I was very reluctant. I was afraid that she would try to steal Andy away from me as well. But Andy reassured me he is not that weak. Honestly, I do wanted to meet dad again.

So, I gave it a shot anyways. I went on dinner with Andy. And to my surprise Tim recognized him. It was later revealed to me that Andy was basically Tim's boss. This is the fact I didn't know. My dad and step-mom brought me to a corner and said that my relationship with Andy is unacceptable because I am trying to hurt my sister by dating Tim's boss. I told them to eff off. My love life is none of their business.

The dinner went sour. After that I got a drunken call from Tim that he is very unhappy with my sister and that he actually wants to escape. He never knew what he lost until he saw me with Andy. I ignored him totally. Then the phones calls didn't stop. First it was my dad telling me that me dating Andy is causing tension between my sister and Tim.

I told him their marital life is none of my business. I got call from my step sister who asked if she could come to my house and talk. I told her after the dinner party, I want nothing to do with any of them. That b!tch didn't listen. Instead she went to Andy's office to "convince" him to talk to me. Of course Tim saw this and accused her of trying to seduce Andy like he seduced him.

Long story short, Andy had to fire Tim for his misbehave. This caused even more tension. Tim became verbally abusive towards Mia and said his life was ruined because of her. They separated. Tim is trying to figure out how can he handle the divorce proceedings.

After the Tim and Mia drama, my dad suddenly showed up in my apartment. He was bawling his eyes out that he caught Karen sleeping with his male cousin. He was devastated. So, I told him what he said to me when Tim cheated on me, "Karen fell out of love with you so she fell in love with your cousin. You should give them your blessing instead of being petty." My dad was confused.

I further told him "well you taught me this remember? When I was sad about Tim cheating on me with Mia. You told me to forgive them" My father's face was rotten to say the least. Now I have two family members who are going through divorce. Tim and Mia tried to reconcile but eventually they settled for divorce. My dad did apologise to me for what he did to me and mom.

I told him that he deserved what's coming for him and that I have no feeling left for him. Not even pity. If the time ever comes I might forgive him but I don't want him anymore. He will not be walking me down the aisle. Andy and I are recently engaged. We are having a small ceremony with just close friends and family.

I was only planning for a petty revenge but karma got them better. I guess it is what they deserve for being such crappy people. I know this sounds like a work of fiction but it is not. Real life is stranger than fiction. I might update if something big happens but right now I am busy with wedding.

Four days later, she shared this update:

Hi, everyone. So, I just want to clear few things:

1.) First of all, I called Mia "Cassie" because she kinda looks like that actress and also because she always likes being the center of attention. But I was not some ugly duckling as well. I just didn't want to grab too much attention to myself.

2.) My dad was a very image obsessed person. That's why he always favored Mia over me because she was the type to grab attention. The only times he actually favored me is when I got into a prestigious university. But other than that I was pretty invisible to him because I was a reminder of his failed marriage.

3.) About the red dress, I was actually planning to wear white. But at that time I read in some magazine that wearing red in a wedding means that you had sex with the groom and it was vibrant red. But tbh I don't think people got it. I should've stuck to white lol.

4.) I did not know that Tim was working under Andy. Because when I learned Andy was Tim's boss, he only started working at the company like for 3 months. I have went to Andy's office few times but only during lunch time but never ran into Tim.

5.) So, I hope I cleared it up. Sorry, it was not much of an update. I am busy with my wedding. Also, because of my mother's request, I have decided to contact my dad. I am willing to invite him to my wedding. It is short notice and I will cover for his flight and stay. But I will be putting some boundaries.

I do not want Karen and Mia at my wedding. My dad can walk me down the aisle along with my step dad. My step dad is a wonderful human. I know a lot of you will say my dad doesn't deserve it. But he is still my dad. He is trying his best to connect with me. I can be amicable with him. And taking away this opportunity from him seems really cruel.

And then, three weeks after her original post, she shared this second update:

I will soon delete this account. But I GOT MARRIED Y'ALL. I am really happy. And don't worry my step mother and step sister was not invited at all. The wedding went well. My dad came and we hugged. We cried a bit. I am not sure I can still forgive him after what he did but we will sort this out in therapy which he said he would pay. My dad will soon get a divorce from my step mom.

He did walk me down the aisle along with my step dad. He didn't create any scene. We shared a dance. That's pretty much it. I don't know much about Tim and my step-sis. I just want to say, thanks to everyone who supported me. I am currently in my honeymoon, relaxing. Hoping this new chapter of my life is peaceful.

And to that commenter who said they can't wait to see if I get pregnant with twins or not, thank you. I hope it's not twins but triplets (RIP my vag). But yeah me and my now husband has talked about having kids. It would a great addition to our family but it's reserved for future. Thanks for being there for us. Now, it's time for me to enjoy the beach and have mimosas. Adios.

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