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Sister livid family 'ignored' her pregnancy; they ask, 'how long should we have cheered?'

Sister livid family 'ignored' her pregnancy; they ask, 'how long should we have cheered?'


"AITA for telling my sister she is clearly overreacting about everyone 'ignoring' her big pregnancy announcement?"


Using a throwaway for obvious reasons. I (35F) invited my entire extended family over for an early Christmas dinner per my mother's request. My mom has a health issue. This year she asked me to host the family event since she won't be able to and because our house is quite spacious and we are a large family to begin with.

My wife (Charlotte 38F) has a corporate job, and excellent people skills. So she is an amazing hostess. She entertains everyone, asks everyone what they've been up to, shares stories to keep the night fun. And since the dinner was at our house, she went out of her way to make sure everyone was having an excellent time. She even had our kids (7F and 8M) participate.

Through the night, my sister (40F - Sarah) announced she was pregnant for the very first time. She had to go through a lot of treatments to get this so it is clearly a big deal for us all.

Charlotte acknowledged it by congratulating and asking how far along she was, how she was feeling, if she had any special plans she could help with, etc. But the conversation died around 20 minutes later.

Sarah came into the kitchen to 'help' but what she really did was to complain about how self-centered Charlotte is since she didn't let anyone take in the news of her being pregnant. Honestly I was preplexed because even our kids congratulated her and I did not know what else we were supposed to do. She said everyone was ignoring her news.

I merely told her she was emotional and overreacting and that Charlotte was just trying to be a good hostess. Sarah said I was BSing her and called me an AH for suggesting pregnancy made her emotional because she knew exactly what she was saying.

I cannot possibly suggest that because I have been pregnant before myself! Twice in fact! I couldn't even say anything because she stormed off and played with the kids for the rest of the night, and sulked away. Now, everyone thinks we had this big fight because of how she acted while it was barely an argument. Was I an AH in this situation?

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NTA. It sounds like people responded appropriately, asked questions and showed interest for a period of time until the topic inevitably changed. Did she expect that no other topics would be discussed after her announcement?

I mean how much is there to ask about a new pregnancy? As a woman who's had children, I'm thinking your spot on about her being hormonal, that or she's just your typical attention seeker.


What did she expect? The rest of the night to be solely focused on her pregnancy?



NTA. You should consider the possibility that perhaps she wasn't emotional because of pregnancy, but she's just a really narcissistic person? Does that interpretation make her feel better?


It sounds like your sister might have been imagining how everyone would react to this news, that is obviously huge for her (especially if she's been going through treatments).

She said that Charlotte didn't let anyone take in the news: maybe Charlotte was so busy asking questions and hostessing that she really didn't let anyone absorb the news and give your sister that big reaction she'd been looking forward to.

I don't think wanting that reaction makes your sister narcissistic. It's not easy trying to conceive without success for so long, and it makes sense that she may have been looking for a display of joy from her family that was overtaken by (what sounds like) a series of interview type questions by Charlotte.


INFO: Did your wife give space to other people to ask questions or be involved directly with your sister without her talking? I’m only asking because of the wording your sisters comment and also your emphasis on how your wife is a great hostess with stories and talking to people.

I mean that’s usually just basic socializing and small talk and shouldn’t stand out all that much. You mentioning it so heavily made me wonder if she tends to “guide” conversations along because that might be interpreted as being overbearing or controlling conversation.


NTA. Your sister is an AH - she should host her own events for her announcements. OF COURSE hosting your guests is MORE important than her announcement to you and your wife.


ESH, not because you were *wrong* necessarily, but because no one in the history of ever has reacted well to being told they're emotional and overreacting. Like...what did you expect her to do when you said that, agree with you??

So, do you think the OP's sister was right to be upset about not getting attention for her annoucment or was she stealing the spotlight?

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