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18yo asks if she's wrong for refusing to wear bra while staying at aunt and uncle's.

18yo asks if she's wrong for refusing to wear bra while staying at aunt and uncle's.


'AITA for not wearing a bra in my uncle's house?'

I'm a (18F) and I normally only wear bras when I go out, because its uncomfortable, itchy and yk, you gotta let the girls breathe a lil. Yesterday I went to my uncles house for a stay over. once I arrived to the house, I took off my bra as usual and just started to get comfortable.

At dinner time, I noticed my uncle and male cousin acting a bit weird around me, and my aunt and female cousin were giving me looks I couldn't tell what for. After dinner, my female cousin pulled me aside and asked me why I wasn't wearing a bra. I told her because we are in the house.

She told me that my uncle and her brother were in the house too. I got confused and told her so what, I also have a dad and brother at my house, they never cared if I wore a bra or not in the house. She got annoyed and told me to wear it and that I can take it off before sleep and to put it back on once I wake up.

I refused and told her I was not going to spend the whole day in my bra. She told me she and her mom do, and that I'm being dramatic. I said no again, walked out her room, and basically spent the whole night in the guest room where I was gonna sleep.

Now its morning as I'm writing this, I'm not wearing a bra and both my cousin and aunt gave me annoyed looks and a forced good morning when I said good morning to them. Now I feel a little guilty. Should I just wear the bra? AITA for not?

Here's what people saw in the comments:

Not-nuts writes:

YTA, have some respect in other people's homes.

Queasy_Bite_3194 OP responded:

It's literally winter, i'm wearing a f**king oversized black hoodie.

Suspicious_Bug_2605 writes:

Yta, it's your uncle's family's house so it's reasonable to have to follow their rules. If one rule is 'wear underwear at all times' you're going to have to follow it if you stay at their house. I know it is uncomfortable for your chest, but sometimes if you want to spend time with people you have to forgo comfort for a couple hours for their sake.

Queasy_Bite_3194 OP responded:

A couple hours? they're asking me to wear it the whole day but aight..

NoYB999 writes:

I truly do not understand the y t a comments. You were not going around naked. Any woman should be free to wear or not to wear a bra anywhere as she pleases. Bras are meant for support and comfort not to hide boobs. Totally NTA

LimitlessMegan writes:

Where I’m from (Ontario, Canada) women don’t even need to wear tops outside, never mind bras.

BBrea101 writes:

In 1996, provincial Court ruled woman can be bare chested on public property from the waist up. It's all across the province. It's just not a cultural norm in North America to be topless and we as a society do nothing but sexualize breasts.

AniaOnion writes:

It was because laws cannot discriminate against gender. If men are legally allowed to go bare chested, you can't make or have a law saying that women can't. So the law banning female toplessness was struck down.

kiwiparallels writes:

Absolutely NTA, and I don't always wear bras to work even... let alone in a house that belongs to my family!

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