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'AITA for leaving my 9-year-old half-brother home alone?'

'AITA for leaving my 9-year-old half-brother home alone?'


"AITA for leaving my 9-year-old half-brother home alone?"

hi. so. i (19f) live with my dad, stepmom, and my half brother (9m). for weeks it was planned that this past friday night my dad and stepmom were going to her parents 40th wedding anniversary at some fancy ass restaurant. me and my brother weren’t invited cuz we’re “not adults”.

since i didn’t get a invitation and didn’t wanna be stuck at home with just my brother i decided to make plans myself and me and my bf were to go on a date. my dad and stepmom wanted me to babysit my brother but like they’ve never paid me for babysitting him ever and he’s pretty hyperactive so no thanks. after complaining for a bit they hired a babysitter for him.

so friday comes around and i’m doing my hair & makeup and all that getting ready for the date. my dad and stepmom had already left for the dinner. while i was getting ready i get a call from my stepmom in the car on the way to the restaurant saying that the babysitter canceled and that i’d have to stay home and watch him.

i told her i was sorry but i had plans i didn’t want to cancel. she said it was too late to call anyone and i had to stay. i said i can’t and that i’d be at home for another 40ish minutes (which would be enough time for them to come back home) and they have to be back then to watch him. she just hung up.

well i finished getting ready and even waited another 15 minutes and they weren’t back yet. i texted them i was leaving and left my brother home alone. we live in a nice neighbourhood and i’m pretty sure i stayed home alone when i was 10 so i was sure it’d be fine, especially since they didn’t bother to come back home.

anyways long story short when i came back home they were already home and my stepmom was pisseddd that i left my brother home alone. she called me irresponsible and said i didn’t care about family etc. she also told me i’d have to pay for this vase my brother broke. i feel this is unreasonable since i gave them a warning i was leaving and they had the opportunity to come back but idk. aita?

(oh and just to add in case people are wondering if i paid rent or whatever: my grandmother gifted the house to my mom & dad as a wedding gift. when my mom left my dad she gave him the house under the condition i could live there up until i finish grad school if i wanted to)

everything else i pay for myself. and i make my own food & clean up my messes. i should’ve said so in the post instead of commenting it. oh ya and in case it wasn’t clear in the post i have babysat him plenty a times before.

Here's what people had to say to OP:

chelly56 writes:

YTA.... What a selfish spoiled brat you are. I hope your parents charge you for food and rent. You don't want to act like a family member they don't have to treat you like one. Coal in your stocking.

Financial-Ostrich361 writes:

YTA. You sound entitled and difficult and stubborn. Do you have any responsibility at all? Hanging out rent free, planning dates on purpose so that you don’t have to help out I feel terrible for your parents that have to put up with an entitled ladychild

MiaW07 writes:

YTA. I can see why you didn't get an invite - you're nowhere near being an adult.

aitachildathome OP responded:

no, i didn’t get an invite cause i’m not part of the family to them, that was just their excuse

bkupisch writes:

You sound very arrogant & entitled in this post. Your parent’s deal about living there until you finish grad school doesn’t entitle you to be an ongoing AH! Try being a decent human being to your parents & brother. You may just need their help someday….Try a little Kindness for once. You really messed up here!

aitachildathome OP responded:

i’ve babysat him since i was 14 without complaint, i just wanted a break for once and decided to make plans

Mirabai503 writes:

I've got a fiver that says they never arranged a babysitter and planned the emergency last minute cancellation call the whole time.

I think NTA because they manipulated the situation. But I also think that you living there until finishing grad school isn't a viable option. What happens to the divorce settlement if you decide the living situation is untenable?

Zookeeper-007 writes:

NTA. You told him you wouldn’t watch him. When the babysitter canceled ultimately it’s their responsibility to come home not you. They are the parents

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