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Teen refuses to practice violin after parents withhold meals, friends say 'just give in.'

Teen refuses to practice violin after parents withhold meals, friends say 'just give in.'


Being a teen is all about rebelling against your parents, it's just part of the experience.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a teen asked if she was wrong for refusing to play violin even if that meant skipping dinner. She wrote:

"AITA for refusing to play violin, even though it meant not being allowed to eat dinner?"

My parents recently put down the rule "No dinner until 1.5 hours of violin practice is completed" since they realized I (16F) rarely ever practiced violin and if I did, it would be only for 30 minutes. I absolutely HATE playing the violin. Last time I asked them if I could stop playing the violin, they said they'd ground me for a year but they kept extending it past 3 years.

People have recommended I try playing songs I like and I tried, but then I ended up hating the songs. I'm not a lazy person in general, I'm quite good academically and physically. Around a week ago, I outright refused to practice violin and skipped dinners. My parents never thought that I'd choose that option and are extremely mad.

They've taken away more things recently, such as books, art supplies (one of my hobbies), soft toys (I'm still very attached to them), breakfast (not that I ever ate it), clothing besides one basic outfit and my school uniform, etc. I'm still refusing to play the violin. I've spoken to my friends about this and they just told me to give into their demands. AITA for refusing to play the violin?

The internet had a lot to say in response.

yellowbunnythrowaway wrote:

NTA. Also, taking away meals as a form of "punishment" for wanting to quit an extracurricular activity you're no longer interested in is really dangerous parenting.

jennyfromtheeblock wrote:

Your parents are withholding food from you? This is literally ab*se. Please tell a teacher or counselor at school exactly what is happening (not your violin teacher).

No-To-Newspeak wrote:

NTA. They have totally ruined the violin for you - they drove you to hating it by forcing it on you. You cannot force an instrument or sport on your children. The role of the parent is provide opportunities for music, sports, dance, etc and then encourage their child if they decide to take it up. Forcing a child to participate is the quickest way to kill of interest for life.

My son joined hockey when he was 4. I had zero illusions of him playing professional. From 4 to 17 he play house league - lots of fun and zero pressure. He loved it and I loved watching him. Now that he is grown and living abroad he plays in a recreational league in the UK because he loves the sport and was NEVER pressured into it.

My only real goal back when he was 4 was to ensure he learned to skate - after all he is Canadian. Hockey was bonus. Never pressure your kids into something you want.

Cat1832 wrote:

NTA and I'd report this to a trusted adult. Teacher or a counselor perhaps? If not, exercise some malicious compliance. Play badly. Torture their ears for exactly an hour and a half every day. They never said you had to make beautiful sounds when practicing.

OP is NTA in any way, her parents are behaving dangerously.

Sources: Reddit
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